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Project EA

Guys... this is what goes according to plan. Correct me if I have made any mistakes or anything that is required to go along with the mods.

Reconditioned EBII MPI 4.0L engine swap
2.5 inch exhaust system, extractors, K&N Air Filter
Change diff ratio to 3.45 and install in LSD
Automatic Braking System (ABS) installed
Dashboard, carpet and door trims replaced
Clear front indicators and EBII mirrors
1.5 inch suspension lowering with Pedders shockies
Simmons 15" wheels with Yokohama 235's front and 255's rear
(I like Simmons cos you can spraypaint the middle part the same colour as the vehicle's body and looks tuff)
Body separated, abrasive blasted and spraypainted in Ferrari yellow (Currently doing colour samples, haven't made a colour decision yet...)

What are the disadvantages of a 3.45 diff with LSD? (Can the EA diff's ratio go higher than 3.45 legally?) How high can I make the ratio diff so the RPM for the 4.0L stays at 2500rpm at 110 km/ph. I love my 3 spd and don't want a 4spd.

You guys with 3.45 diffs, what's the RPM at 110 km/ph?

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Very ambitous PHIL82!

Engine swap, complete with Smartlock?
ABS install - means all new wheel-hubs/sensors/plumbing/electrics. Not easy, I hope you have a complete wreck/parts_car to be sourcing parts from.
Body separated? I assume you mean suspension sub-assemblies removed - there is no separate chassis to separate the body from. (Been reading too many Yank magazines? Hahaha)

If sticking with 15" wheels I assume you mean 235/60/15 & 255/60/15 tyres. These are getting very wide & tall for a Falcon. Are you sure the 235 this tall will clear at the top - may foul on the spindle/upper balljoint and or guard - especially when lowered - although 1.5" is a sensible amount.

I couldn't quickly find the calculator I was looking for but try this one;

About halfway down the page titled "A tire size calculator".
Compare your size with a standard say 205/65/15.
You will find that 255/60/15's are 6.1% taller, so to maintain the revs you have now will require a 6.1% shorter diff ratio (higher numerically). Also note that actual tyre sizes may differ slightly from the theoretical calculations.

What do EA have as std diffs 3.08? So a change to around 3.27 would maintain current revs with 255/60's. A 3.45 will have it revving a bit harder for a given speed. It's the tyres circumference (rolling radius actually) as well as the ratio that determines revs per km/h. I don't think there is any legal limit on diff ratios, it's more about what is available and sensible/usable.

I like your colour ideas.
I would go with say 235/45/17 & 255/40/18 on 17x8 & 18x9 myself - Simmons make these sizes but pricey.

Why not the 4-speed auto. Nice box and the overdrive would help with 3.45's

I hope that all gives you something to think about.

Territory - WHEELS COTY
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respond to FORDRAPTOR

Thanks for your many tips, much appreciated.

For an engine swap, what is smartlock?

I think I'll give my brake upgrade to ABS a miss... too much hassle, maybe racing brake pads and check all brake components are in perfect condition.

I need to make all my panels back to bare metal, by separating the body, I mean by taking all doors off, dashboard, carpet, seats, everything etc... so I can paint on the outside and inside. I don't want a spot of red paint anywhere! (I'm fussy, I know) I wonder if I can take the chassis off... would be nice to have yellow underneath the body! Spraypainted frames and petrol tank would be a beauty.

Yes, you are correct. I was referring to the 235/60/15 and 255/60/15 Yokohama Tyres. I have seen those sized tyres on cragar mags on an EBII Wagon. Since those are the only widest optional tyre to fit on an EA/EB/ED... I don't know if I can lower it to 1.5 inches but it CAN fit on an EA. Can you help me there? If I lower it, I might need to put on good bumpstops so the tall tyres doesn't scrape the guards. I'm not a fan of 17 and 18 inch mags... too much $$$! I like tuff fatty tyres.

I run my EA on Yokohama 225/60/15's... need more wider!

My EA has a 3.08 diff and I just found out that my auto box is a 4spd... I got confused cos my box only reads 1, 2, 3, D, N, R and P. It has the power/economy button right next to it. How do you know that a 3.27 diff is suitable for 255/60/15 tyres? What about a 3.45 diff?

I have been thinking about this... I don't even know if my engine, the 3.9L is a MPI engine... how can I tell? It has plenty of power and grunt and reaches 200km/ph easily on the highway so I don't know what mods the previous owner made.

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Now boostless :-(
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stands for: Anti-lock Braking System
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Kebab King
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Man, i dunno, but i wouldn't be wasting that much money on basically turning an ea into an eb. If you want a car speced out to eb standard, then go buy one! IMO it is a waste of money to do the stuff you mentioned to an ea. For a start the eb's have a more rigid body, and a lot less problems than the ea. - overall a much more refined car (the series 2 especially). The eb is overall a much better car.

if you were gonna drop a V8 in it, then that is a different least it something unique, but turning an ea into an eb is bit of a waste....but if you have the dosh, then **** it, go ahead.

anyhow, jus my 2c.
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Respond to Kebab King

You have made a pretty good point there... you have made me have second thoughts.

Yes, it'd be basically turning an EAII into an EBII whereas the EB already has the 4.0L MPFI, ABS, better body etc...

I'm saving up for a EL Falcon S - price approx over $10,000 and under $15,000.

The only mod I can think about doing to my EAII without wasting money (to make it sell well for at least $5000) is putting on clear indicators for the front, brand new Yokohama tyres 235/60/15's front and 255/60/15's for the rear, cut her down 1.5 inches on her legs to make her legs pretty attractive! hehe and prepare her for a full paint job. The thing Bass Crazy went through for 3 months and a new moulded carpet replacement.

That should set me back approx $1500. I only intend to have the car for 3 years while I am saving the dosh for an EL Falcon S so I think that's pretty reasonable.

My EAII is currently coloured in Factory Red (I don't know the proper colour/paint name code) Do you guys suggest I paint her over in the same colour when I do a full bare metal job stripping her down and spraypainting her like new. Would a dark metallic blue job sell the EAII pretty well? Or Metallic white as I see lots of people getting white cars to beat the Queensland heat.... do you agree?

I need to know the sizes for the simmons mag wheels I need to get from the wreckers... Two same and two different (width lengths) Eg: Is it the 15 x 8 or 15 x 7 for that specified tyre size.

235/60/15 fits on 15 x __?

255/60/15 fits on 15 x __?

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Re: Respond to Kebab King

Only problem with that proposed upgrade is that there is no EL Falcon S. Futura or Fairmont is good though. I think the Falcon S lasted from the XF to the ED, then reappeared during the life of the AU.

I can't really comment on your proposed upgrades because it comes down to your preferences - but as a used car buyer I wouldn't want a lowered car because that implies the car has been driven hard, not to mention missing out on the ride quality that is a fundamental quality of Falcons (no disrespect to anyone with lowered suspension intended! That's personal preferences as well...).

Jack Travis, E-Series Acting President

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Re: Respond to Kebab King

Not to say your wrong but essentially there was a el falcon s, but not an s pack. Was called the sapphire and did have s badging one of their value packs, waste of time but probably a decent buy, but the last s pack was eb and came back with au.

and as for normal suspention 2 words... body roll. and most ppl lower their cars for looks not always handling.
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Re: Respond to Kebab King

I stand corrected regarding the S thing. The Sapphire would have been a run-out model because the EL was up against the VT Commodore for about a year.

I intend to lower my car slightly for looks if I ever get around to putting 16" wheels on it. It can actually improve ride comfort by reducing pitching, etc. But I'm not going to try and make it into a sports car - that's not to my tastes at all.

Jack Travis, E-Series Acting President

1989 Ford Fairmont Ghia turbo/GL replica (underway)
1994 Eunos 800M
1990 Ford Laser S
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Kebab King
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re PHIL 82

gday mate,

I'm not exactly sure yoor gonna fit those boots in the arches of an ea.

255's are 10" wide....., and the 235's are 9" wide. I dont think you'd have a hope in hell in ever fitting those tyres to a falcon, - especially if you have her lowered. I guess you could have the wheel arch's re moulded,

dunno, I could be wrong though so best to check with with local Beaurepairs or who ever.
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