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Q. mpfi heads and distributor

ok about to do the cfi-mpi conversion and just have a couple worries as we get told a million different things wherever we ask. firstly is the distributor definately the same between the two or not ? also with the head, some people have told us we need a new head as the multipoint one has the little semi-oval cutout above each inlet hole like on the gastek obviously for the injectors to fire the fuel in properly. anyone done it with the cfi head without a problem ?
also the ecu we have to put in seems to be from a fairlane, what problems will we have getting it to run in the normal base model ea ? the only thing we saw that was different was the fairlane had a digital dash.

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The ECU has nothing to do with the Digital dash.
The TFI module for the distributors are the same, however, the actual distributor is different, and are not interchangeable, so get the MPI one.

As for the head, I doubt they would have mad a different head for the cfi and mpi, and besides, there has been no mention of any problems from the guys who have done it.
If the CFI head does not have the cutout, then you can do it with a die grinder.


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Yes i'm pretty sure the heads are the same and its just the intake, injection gear and dizzy that are different in that way.
Good luck with your convertion...

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You CAN modify the Dizzy to change it into an MPI one.
The MPI and CFI heads are the same, completely.
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well after me spending 2 days on it i have officially given up. this is the biggest bitch of a job. every mechanic and auto electrician its been taken to has ended up giving in as well. we ended up buying a manual computer and new looms and after re wiring half the car still had no spark. replaced the tfi moduole, still no luck. every test mentioned in the gregory's manual turned out fine. the fuel injectors are firing ok.
tilford have volunteered to do it so its now their problem.
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If it helps, i hope you arent using a smart lock computer...
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Ahhh James, that sounds VERY familure mate... my mechanic and I couldnt get a spark at all and when we did, it ran like SHIT!... Im guessing u did a rewire on the EFI harness instead of a complete loom transfere.... not a good idea as i learnt. Basically what happened to mine was that we somehow ended up with the PIP signal feedin into the HEGO sensor... and the SPOUT signal grounded.... hmmm It only cost me $750 to get the EFI rewired :)
Have fun...


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OK. im getting to the point where i want to do this, but i dont know what the deal is. im asking someone who has done the conversion to be nice and provide the details... such as:

* parts - obviously the manifold, wiring, airbox. what about hoses? heater vacuum lines? heater bypass tube? brake booster vacuum hose? they all plug into the manifold. accelerator cable? 3spd kickdown cable+bracket? AC compressor bracket? dizzy? do they all need changing, or are some the same, others can be modified? anything else i missed (im sure there is) cause i want to make a list when i go to the wrecker. if i forget something im in strife, i dont have a car to get back down there...

*effort - is it going to take me a weekend to do this? what about this lack of spark business? will i need a timing light or something else to install the dizzy if required, and set base timing again? any other tools required?

*wiring - what EXACTLY gets changed. you mention the idle wire nz, is that it? otherwise you plug in the manifold loom into the engine bay loom and its fine? im worried about the gas setup, but if its just that loom that changes, ill splice the gas wiring into the same places on the new loom.

waiting for some answers... i want to make sure if i do attempt this that i do it right!

thanks in advance guys,


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I second your post jbolger

Lets go find that Hotdog tree I planted

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NZinAus, how are the CFI and MPFI dizzies different?
I've done the conversion, leaving the CFI dizzy as is. It works, but I suspect it is causing some hesitation just off idle, a surging kind of problem when accelerating hard, and a bucking kind of problem between 80 and 100 Kmh, when just cruising.
What modifications need to be made to the dizzy to make it a MPFI one?
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