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EFII Futura I6
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Question Speed limiter question

Hello peeps, this is my first post after lurking for a while.

I was wondering what was the reason for the 180 km/h speed limiter placed on most recent falcons (including my EF). It is an automatic, stock 6 cyl Futura (well, except for being lowered 30mm with 16" ROH azzuros). I have heard it is the auto transmission itself, and I have also heard it is to do with the driveshaft - to be able to handle higher speeds it would have to go up in diameter, but there is no room for it to fit.

I understand the manual versions don't have a limiter? Which models do and don't?

Finally, is there anything that can be replaced/upgraded to enable the removal of the limiter?

This is just theoretical for me, I really don't see myself doing 180+ in my car (unless I took it to a track or went to the NT :) , but it's just kinda depressing - a psychological thing, like the car's been neutered or something. Do you know what I'm getting at?

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The limiter came in with the ED. No flat rule can apply for which cars do have it, I had a friend with an ED GLI auto and it had it, I had an ED Gli Auto (X cop) and it didnt. Manual do have it also (XG, XH ute I drove) XR's ED and EF I know don't. It's in the management system, even disconnecting the speedo will not get around it. I heard reason is tailshaft wobble, some cars must be balanced better than others I guess.
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EFII Futura I6
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Thanks for the reply BOF. I guess some shmicko, balanced new tailshaft would be needed. I've seen mention of speed limiter removal being done at chiptorque and also by the powerchip people.

I think I'll just spend my money on making it quicker getting to 180...
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I had heard it had something to do with the auto - if you limit the cars speed to a certain level, then you can engineer driveline (such as transmissions) to cope with just a little bit more than that level.......
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I noticed that about 2 years ago when i had an EF, after a big fight with the ex, and storming off, i found out about the speed limmiter. it shocked the sence back in to me to slow the hell down.

you will actualy find it's mentioned in the user manual for the car. my nf's manual says about it being there because "the cars not designed to go more than 180km/h, damage will result if it exceeds this limmit. its not recomended to tamper with the speed limmiter or serious injury or death may result" or something like that

Best wishes
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The driveshaft is one issue.Remember the diff ratios are going higher[lower geared] and over drive in gearbox actually make the d/shaft rev much higher than the old 4/ 3 speed auto's of the past. Most the old V8 5:8's had 2:7 final drive std and no o/d.Now the f/ drive is 3:45 or there abouts..With the overdrive the d/shaft is actually rotating faster than engine..
They have had a few problems with whip and the front yoke smashing out.Bad news..But I figure it's more to do with ballancing.I see the faster unlimited cars have alloy shafts..
Utes too!!

The other issue is safety.For a start the brakes.Then handling.The last thing a manufacterer wants is there cars known to be coffins on wheels..Pluss duty of care and all that sh!t..
To make you feel better my W.R.X [Jap import] is speed limited to 180 also. How many of them have you seen in bad accidents,though mainly stollen and driven by people with stuffall experiance. Be something to do with compliance too like there is no point having a car that will do 260Klh and have 298mm brakes would there?The brakes on Falcon's are just good enough for 160, IFF THAT!!

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I have an EF Wagon 5 speed, limiter came in at 180km/h. They say it's cause of tail shaft vibs, but seems bloody smooth when i drive at around 180km/h. I reckon 200km/h would be ok.

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Battens PerformanceTuning
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I have an ED XR8 ex police unit and it does not have a speed limit at all I have on many occasions been past the 200kph mark not knowing what I am actually doing.
One quick and easy way to remove the speed limit is to disconnect or to add a switch to the VSS input to the EEC processor, this will remove the speed limit and also give a more responsive (dashpot, engine rev down) when in decel.
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Battens PerformanceTuning
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Forgot to mention that the long wheelbase vehicles are the main reason they did it as well because of the longer shafts having a tendancy to bend.
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Thanks for the replies folks.

I understand quite a lot of Japanese cars are limited to 180 - Skyline GTRs, hot Subarus and all. I think it is a government thing. I also think the little Kei-class cars like the Mira, Handivan, that size, are limited to 130. Wouldn't wan't to be doing more than 130 in one of those anyway

ebxr8240, you have a good point there regarding the brakes.

It's all academic to me, I drive like a grandpa most of the time - the fastest I've had my car would be ~130 during an overtake...
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