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Dear All.....

I have just ben through an unuasual experience with a Ford Dealership in Sydney where I wanted to replace the two front seatbelts on my car. I ordered and bought the parts myself from their parts department and booked the car in to have them fitted.

Both seatbelts matched and were the standard grey variagated naterial that they commonly use (ie they were the same colour but had light/dark grey tones in a kind of diagonal stripe formation.

What was fitted to the drivers side was OK. What was fitted to the passenger side was a Ford belt but it was completely different. The one fitted was certainly not the same one which I bought because, being a detail kind of guy (especially where my car is concerned) I checked the boxes myself. It was a kind of flat grey....similiar in colour to the drivers side belt but a completely different material. The instructions that I found in the box were EB ED instructions which made me think that these were the belts were suited to this vehicle.

I told the dealer Service Manager bluntly that someone had stolen the belt I had bought and showed him the purchase invoice but he flately denied that this could have been the case and that I must have made a mistake when I bought the belts. He then proceded to tell me that the front passenger seat belt in the EL was the one that I had bought and had been fitted and that Ford do not make the type fitted to the drivers side anymore.

This could be the case and if so, then I must have been very lucky and got hold of one of the few remaining 'proper' EL belts left in the country and that is why it was taken.

Can anyone shed some light on this issue (not the theft but the obtaining of the the proper belts) or help me with the sourcing a new one because as it stands now my fron sesat belts do not match and it is !@#@! annoying.

Moreover, if Ford have discontinued this part or replaced it in some way. Why would they do this on such a new car?


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Hmm, that doesn't sound right! As far as I know, all EL parts are available and have not been discontinued (someone correct me if I'm wrong here!). I can imagine that the belts being a different colour would be more than annoying, especially when you've paid for something better than you ended up with.

Always leaves a sour taste in the mouth, being dealt with like that. Let us know what eventuates with this Jase!

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Did you get the Service Advisors name? I do not normally give out my company info. But I think you should do something.

Contact ELN Ford. (02) 4353 1666 Ask for Glenn or Greg in Spare Parts, ask them if the belt is in production. Then conact service, ask for Joe or Dean (dont talk to John or Chris) and explain what happened, they might contact the guy who did it and have to explain himself..?
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Australian EL Falcon XR6 Member
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Location: Sydney, Australia
Age: 58
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Thanks for the replies guys!

Yes I was really annoyed but in truth more gob-smacked than anything else that such a blatent theft and cover up could happen to me!

Slim....I will call these guys you recommended but do you think they can help? At the moment it's difficult to sort out the truth from the lies as far as this dealership is concerned. I have contacted Ford Customer Relations in Melbourne and all they want to do he pass me back to the Service Manager who I believe is trying to cover up for one of his staff.

Mate do you work at ELR. Let me know if you do and I'll call you as well!

Thanks for the support

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Australian EL Falcon XR6 Member
Join Date: Jun 2001
Location: Sydney, Australia
Age: 58
Posts: 16
Hi Guys.....

I spoke to one of the parts guys at the dealership I mentioned who originally ordered the belts for me. He confirmed that the original part that I ordered ie the L/H passenger seat belt is now obsolete and is not being made again.!

I find it difficult to believe that I now have to put up with non-matching seatbelts for a car just over three years old. Call me fussy but why would Ford think that car enthusisasts put up with something so blatently wrong.

What they seem to be suppling now are seatbelts from an older EB/ED Falcon which I prusume they think are good enough to do the job.

I always thought that car companies had to make parts for 10 years after the life of the vehicle....not three years.

The parts guy did a national computer search and found some Ford dealerships (two to be exact) showing stock of this part and actually phoned them up and got them to phyiscally desribed the type of material used for the belt webbing because the part number of the original belt is the same as the EB/ED belt that has superceded it.

None of the dealers listed who showed stock of the belt had the original part.Even the parts guy at the dealership thinks it pretty poor customer service.

It now seems that if I want to get a seatbelt to suit this vehicle I have to go to a 'Wreckers Yard'!!!!

I have tried to get onto someone in Ford who has a parts responsibility but keep getting stone-walled and sent back to Ford Customer Relations who are about as useful as a 'Chocolate Teapot'!

Ford seem to want to build a barrier between themselves and their customers. I happen to think that I have a legitimate greivance.

Does anyone out there have a contact at Ford or does anyone who could source one of the proper belts for me. The proper ones have a light/dark grey horizontal stripe effect.

Maybe there is a Ford parts person reading this who could help??

Well guys thats Ford for you! I dont want to give up but this is becoming so frustrating!

I'll keep you posted

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Post your greivance over at (theres an Aussie section there) Geoff Polities, David Flint and various other Ford employees regulary read and post at the site.
A guy there who recently bough a used AUII XR6 and he only recieved 1 Key, he complained on that site and a Ford employee told him to contact a phone number and not long after he got his second key with no trouble at all.

I must admit I was quite impressed.

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Australian EL Falcon XR6 Member
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Location: Sydney, Australia
Age: 58
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Thanks for your suggestion. I tried last night to post this at fordforums .com but am having trouble with the site.

Its a shame that the Ford people you mentioned don't read this Forum!!

I now got on to Ford Public Relations in Melbourne after contacting a journalist friend of mine in Adelaide.

If you have any other suggestions ...keep them coming!
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You have to wait till you get an email from Fordforums to regester hth
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so you contacted Gregg or Glen at E.L.N?
I am not so impressed by your situation either as I am a owner or a EL series1 XR8 and my passenger site belt has always had cuts in it, I have been meaning to replace it one day, but I guess I won't be now huh!

Ford Australia is bloody stuffed, their dealerships are scum and their new models are lacking seriously.. in engines, paint colours.. Everything.. Its all a joke. (so much for us long time Ford fans, its all getting a bit much).

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