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Would An EF XR6 ECU Be Ok On My Modified Non XR6 ?

I am very skeptical of aftermarket add-on chips, thanks to all your replys.

But With the lumpy Crow Cam in my EF along with other breathing aids i've done, would a factory XR6 ECU help performance any more ?

My dealer isn't sure. (I am aware of the activated knock sensor on the XR but what else ?)

The Crow cam is more lumpy than the XR Ford cam but it has heaps more power from 2000 - 5500.

Heaps more torque. We did a 0-100kph (Stnd ULP) 7.02 secs (it's an auto)

The idle is a little rough, had to up the base idle speed. (wouldn't even idle for days, just kept surging then cut out) But since it's a Ford It adapted & learnt, they tell me Holdens wont.

I'm thinking would the XR map sensor along with the XR ECU help the idle, due to the new drop in manifold pressure ?
(Since the XR cam presents a similar lower manifold pressure than the stock cam)

But what is the actual difference in software between the base ECU & the XR ECU ? Will it help ?.
Someone said the mixture is different & my economy would go down the toilet.

Any real details or experience that will shed some light would be great.

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Would An EF XR6 ECU Be Ok On My Modified Non XR6

Its prety much a case of suck it and see, the XR EEC will plug in and run it, but weather the mapping will be better than the standard EEC is a 50 / 50 chance and even less of a chance of it being a perfect match to your new cam.
I personly would try it as it would be a cheaper fix than paying a grand for a unichip or even half that for a chip that offers even less.
The XR EEC has an increased rev limit from 5200 to 5800, ( 6000 on Gli Police units) different fuel and ignition curves and posibly different change points on auto EEC units eg.,from my personal experience police XR EEC'S make the auto shift harder than the stock XR EEC'S but I'm not sure if they rev to 6000 or 5800 on these units but they defeinetly have no speed limit as with some manual transmision vehicles.
Police XR6 Auto EEC no speed limit- 5t_CA , 95DT 12A650CA.
Your stock unit should be a (gli/futura sedan auto) 4D_BG , 94DA 12A650BG, the sticker is on the bottom of the EEC and a torn off portion of the sticker is put on the left hand suspension tower in the factory for reasons unknown, unfortunatly these labels dont last long in the engine bay so it is extreamly rare to encounter them unless the car is new.
These EEC numbers may have changed slightly as revisions came about, normaly the last letter would index but make sure you double check your part numbers with a dealer.
All EF 6's had the knock sensor as part of the EEC'S Knock control /spark advance system along with the coil pack and a cylinder identification sensor where the dizy once was but on some EL models they when back to the dizy (I'm not sure if the system on these models operated in a similar manner or if it also had a knock sensor at all,I cant see how ).
The EF XR Knock sensor and Map sensor were no different from standard models with the main difference being the head casting with reshaped ports, spark plugs, the cam, valve springs, fuel pressure reg, exhaust system and the EEC.
If your stalling problems persist take it down to a dealer and get it put on a cam tester (code analysis monitor)to check for fault codes that may show up a faulty sensor or at least clear the old fault codes.
Taxi's R US on Sydney RD Bruswick Melbourne should be able to help you out with an EEC and many other parts at reasonable prices (dont be fooled by the name).
Make sure you only plug is a I6 EEC-V unit and if it dosn't have a speed limiter make sure your tail shaft is made of steel and has been well ballanced before breaking any land speed records.
Good Luck
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Would An EF XR6 ECU Be Ok On My Modified Non XR6

Thanks Dom for taking the time to reply with such an in-depth response.

I actualy did take the plunge & buy a new XR6 ECU thru Metro Ford in Bris (Exchange discount on my Gli ECU).

Difference ? - pretty much as you said - the auto changes on mid throttle are notchy but full throttle very positive, the car surges forward beautifully 1st - 2nd, 2nd-3rd especialy.

The change pattern is better, holds on each gear longer, extra 500 rpm realy geats the most out of the cam. It settled into the cam much quicker than the stnd one.

Fuel economy is better.

Power ? pretty sure it's up, maybe 5%, but stnd, permium or optimax make little difference.
Pick up mid range is just amazing. I can kick down while overtaking at say 95kph back to 3rd, it holds on at about 2/3 throttle and lets go at 160-170 kph into 4th, Incredible.

Top speed ? dunno, Pacific Hwy too dangerous, plus don't want arrest, fine, loss of license.
170 is the most iv'e gone breifly. Felt like nothing, still plenty of pull, asking for more.
A full throttle start & it revs to about 5600 - 5700 but not much after 5500.

I'm guessing the 0-100 figure may be 6.8-6.9sec too frightened of dissapointment !

Overall, driveability much better - in a car park, can get serious wheel spin both wheels & a cooll sideways drift.

Any tips for me ? You sound like you work for a dealer, what do you know about the Krogdahl twin cam head ? According to the website www.krogdahlheads.com.au it's an 11 kw increase on the dyno at rear wheels, but bo 4 valves, no spark plugs at the centre, doesn't soung that good.

thanks again mate !!
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Would An EF XR6 ECU Be Ok On My Modified Non XR6

Great to hear you have sorted out most of your problems.
If your looking for more performance you can start with one of the performance air filter elements that are available (re-usable type) and an XR air box snorkel (they have a larger opening).
The snout in the air box lid can be removed and an AU XR8 air box bell mouth (alloy Trumpet) can be installed.
The stainless mandrel bend pipe from the air box to the throttle body is another option and should help or the EL AU rubber boot setup as the EF setup looks restrictive.(although I have not tried it myself)
When most of these intake pipes are designed the key importance seems to be to reduce the intake noise rather than the least restrictive path.
A catch can may be an advantage as I've found these engines can suck a fair bit of oil into the plenum which in effect upsets your fuel mixtures and clags up your sensors.
Run both of the rocker cover hoses to the can and remove the ball bearing from the PCV valve,if you have a plastic PCV Valve it can break and the ball bearing can drop into the engine, it has happened with LPG backfires.
Now none of the above will have any Monster KW affect and if the exhaust is neglected even less, this extra air can't be drawn in if it is restricted at the exhaust, with the above mods at least a 2 1/2 (no larger) system should be fitted.
HM Headers have some interesting theory that should be investigated, one of these is to run a 2 1/2 system with a 2 1/4 rear muffler , explained as the fumes exit the system they begin to cool making them contract, slowing them down as they try to fill the 2 1/2 pipe, if we reduce the pipe size the flow velocity will be contained as the fumes cool.
Without delving to far into the theory I believe a 2 1/2 system is ample and should not be acceded with mandrel bend being my personal preference although HM say press bend system will do the trick.
If you go the hole hog and get yourself a set of HM stainless Headers with a combined high flow cat for about $800 (stainless will last longer than the mild steel types) , HM quoted an odd 16 KW advantage although I've heard of a 24KW advantage from a similar system(cant remember the brand).
Your Local exhaust center may say that this is all bullshit, but unless you spend the time, money and do the dyno testing you will never know, HM headers do the dyno testing and development work.
Just to answer the other question I work for Ford Motor Co. and have Acquired my ECC knowledge from reading the technical training manuals that the the dealer technicians should be reading but obviously don't.
I haven't heard of that twin cam head you are talking about but I may have a look at it some time but if your going to go to that trouble just jam a snail on it with 7 pounds boost you should get heaps of reliable enjoyment out of it.
Good Luck.
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Would An EF XR6 ECU Be Ok On My Modified Non XR6

Dom, again the technical explanations are great ! thanks.

So far, on my EF GLi 6, i've done these mods,
EL tubes from throttle body to air box lid (EL air box lid as well)
AUII TE50 air scoop, K & N air filter
(This weekend adding air pipe from bottom of air cleaner box to air scoop duct on bumper)
11mm plug leads & XR6 NGK Plugs
Genie Extractors, Red Back 2.5" system with modified "free flow" cat ha ha
Crow EL XR6 high lift cam
Also addding a Hiclone this weekend

Any other mods you suggest ? I'de love to do a Unichip but cant afford time to go to capital city (1000km round trip)

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Would An EF XR6 ECU Be Ok On My Modified Non XR6

Dom - ps. not to mention the XR ECU wich is as you described up to police spec ie, revs to 6000rpm before fuel cut off.

Many other mods to suspensions but dont most of us do that ?
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Would An EF XR6 ECU Be Ok On My Modified Non XR6

Hi Red where abouts are you at?, i have the same problems with the big city, i an i Wodonga.
Kerry <img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/ohwell.gif ALT=":\">
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