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Dash Vacuume

Hey guys,
I need some help with a little problem my EA has had for quite a while now, which I have been ignoring it constantly.

My car has the digital climate control unit. The problem with it is that it does not shift vent positions.
When I am driving with the unit on 'OFF', hot air constantly comes out of the dash air vent.

It first started playing up under hard acceleration when the air condition was on. It would shift to the windscreen vents by it's self, and then go back to normal once the throttle was reduced. However, now there is absolutely no control.

Also, the heater does not get very hot at all.

There was a little valve type device which was in the coolant lines of the engine that I removed(flow restrictions) during my 'cooling system overhaul' and it was linked to a vacuum hose. The problem was there before the removal of this device, but I will make a start by re-installing it.

I am confident the problem is a vacuum issue, so does anyone know where to look??
EA238 or Grandpa???

Any help would be great.

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Vaccum lines


Simple things first - check the lines going into the rear end of the intake manifold (you would know about these already) and then the coloured vaccum lines that go into that "junction box" (for want of a better description) that is behind the glovebox shroud. Also see if you can see if any vaccum lines are cracked or loose anywhere.

I know this is a generic post but starting on the simple side first. Question for you - have you performed a self test for the climate control system?? Not sure if it would help on your specific problem but it may be worth reading this section in the manuals.

Let us know how it goes,

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ok, dude... you broke some serious stuff removing that vallve!!

numero uno. the "valve like" device you removed was probably the heater tap. it controls coolant flow to the heater core, thus meaning if the vacuum is removed from it, the thing runs full heat all the time. if its removed it does the same thing. this doesnt necessarily mean hot air all the time, as i will explain shorty. leaving the vacuum line disconnected means you get quiet hissing noises when the engine is running (inside cabin) and a vacuum leak (bad!).

also, coming from the intake manifold is the main vacuum line for the hvac. if this is removed, the system defaults to windscreen mode (no vacuum). the leak of having no heater tap can also cause this, so check this first!

finally, theres the blend door motor, an electric motor on the ghias. it controls the "mix" of cool outside (or airconditioned) air to warm heated air. if you have no heater tap (thus meaning full coolant into the heater) and youre not getting heat when the heater is on hot, id guess the blend door is stuck, or the motor is broken or disconnected.

so start by reconnecting the heater tap, then check the vacuum lines where they run into the firewall from the intake manifold (under the wiper bottle area) as mally said.

good luck mate! when i got my car, the main line was disconnected and so was the heater tap, which was also rusted out and leaking. hours of fun.


--edit-- i ****ed up that post first time, i must be tired or something... HEH!

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dash vacuum

My car does the same thing exept I have the normal manual air conditioning. It switches to demist when i go up a steep hill with the a/c on and the heater doesn't get very hot. My heater tap was replaced and a warmer thermostat put in but this only helped a little. The air mix door seems to be trying to stay on recirculate all the time. I disconected the vacuum hose and found that it sucks all the time, regardless of swith position. I was going to ring an air con place today to see if they knew what was causing this, but if any of you guys know how to fix this it would be a great help.
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When u turn the A/C (which doesn't work) on in mum's car you get a hissing noise..what is bad about it?. Also it gets hunid and this weird smell comes..what is that all about?

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Re: Hey...

A hissing noise could mean it's running out of gas. But mine hisses a bit at times as well, which I'm pretty sure is normal....

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I have had my car for over 2 years now, and A/C never worked (I am just one of those haet tolerant ppl) amongst other small problems that never bother me. I think it needs regassing, but nonetheless recently I tried turning it on, and could smell buning smell inside the cabin.

Also when I run my air vents in 1 position I get smoke billowing out from under the glovebox. Not just a vague scent but strong clouds of it, like there is a fire in there. The smell of the smoke in both cases are identical if that helps. If anyone knows why this is happening please help, cause I'd be curious to try and fix that.
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Good post JB

As in the title - good post JB. You went right to the heart of the matter while my post was a little (read very) lazy. Hey BC - JB is right about the whole lot including the blend door motor - I had to replace mine on the Ghia back in early 98 when it f....d up and died - had fun finding that little sucker :) . Go with JB's post - it should cover 99% if not all of the problems you have.


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Re: Good post JB


cheers mate. im vague on the ecc though because i dont have it! i dont even know WHERE the blend door motor is. i want to try and convert, but i cant get enough info on them. my bro has the EB fairmont now, so i might try and get a look at his...

hissing sounds when you turn OFF the A/C are normal, as are some when it first starts running. constant hissing means low gas though. this can be checked at the little "window" on the reciever dryer (the long, aerosol looking thing in front of the radiator).

cheers again! hope it helps!

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Re: A/C

sounds like u have leaves in your air con box its located under the glove box take it out and have a look you will probebly need to use a vacumm cleaner is u wont get them all out by hand good luck
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