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Wiring Help

Does anyone have a wiring diagram (or know the colours off the top of their head) for a Pioneer DEH-P6350 cd tuner??
Also, does anyone have a diagram for the audio wiring harness/wires of an ED?
The wire colours aren't consistent with the ford Factory Manual or the Ellery's guide!?! So I'm at a loss.


Thanks in advance guys,


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re: wiring help

I'm assuming 4 channels, these channels should easy to work out, same base colur with different stripe colour (stripe being negative). As to which channel is which (front,back,left,right) I have no idea. Earth should be black, acc green/yellow, power red...

These are just a guess as you didn't say what colours you had and I don't have first hand experience with the unit...

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wiring help

Cool thanks, I managed to get hold of the pioneer wring info from pioneer themselves. Sorry for not putting the actual colours of the wires down, but I haven't got that info here, when I have another look tonight, I'll write them down.

But my main thing now is, can I get a simplified diagram of the standard ford falcon audio wiring harness showing me which pins/sockets match up to the Earth, CONSTANT, ACC, so that I can wire those up from the pioneer?
|_|_|_|_|_| |_|_|_|_|_|

Something like that, but with labels showing where to hook in the diff wires.

Thanks for your help mate,

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wiring help...

This might not be what you want but just cut the plastic connector off and join the wires directly to each other.. Everyone says that they don't want to do this because then they can put the old one back in but seriously - in a few years your headunit won't be worth dick and most will leave it in to add value to the car.

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You can just get one of those wiring harness adapters to suit ford. They plug in to the existing socket and it then tells you what the wires coming out of it are for.

They cost like $20 and are available from AutoBarn, Dick Smith and Jaycar.

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Well, thats what I thought!

I don't want to chop the wires off so that when I sell the car, I can chuck the stock back in.

On my lunch break just then, I tried Jaycar, Dick Smith, Tandy (had holden ones) and some other place, but to no avail! They had nothing. I went and asked the staff and they knew what I meant, but said they didn't know where I could find one.

I found a wiring harness adaptor on www.aerpro.com.au, and they told me that their local distributor is autobarn, but the closest autobarn to me in an hour away, and I want to install the unit tomorrow, so I won't get time to get one (if they have it).

So yeah, thanks for all your help guys, I was planning to order one from autobarn (or aerpro in victoria) and then just stick the wires into the existing sockets for a week or however long it takes me to get the proper harness. What do you reckon of that plan?

Which brings me back to square 1, does anybody have a wiring diagram of the ford plug?

Thanks dudes,

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this is what i did:
buy empty wiring harnesses from repco or other auto shop.*2
pull out stock head unit, write down which head unit wires go into which car wires.
cut the stock harness off.
wire the car wires into the new empty harness.takes a while but easy. (there are 4 wires per speaker 2 for +ve and 2 for-ve just twist them together then attach the connector)
Wire the wires from the new head unit to match the car. if the wire is not used leave a blank space.
Now this shoould plug right in.
Now use trhe same side of the second identical plug and wire in the stock unit according to the car.
After this they should both be interchangeable.
The wires from the car are as follows:
**not quite sure about the rear speakers as i replaced them but just take a look in the boot and see the colours and which is +ve or -ve**
wiring the wires into the harness does take some patience but it is really easy to do.
hope this helps.

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Re: wiring

Cool that did helpm I've got one other question. I checked in the boot of my car and the speakers were wired up with the wire with a black strip being attached to the -ve terminal, are you sure that on the front the black striped wires are -ve??

Ive hooked my front speakers up as if black is the -ve and they seem to work perfectly, wouldn't the cones vibrate the inwards if the polarity was reversed? So the sound woud be terrible right? So, are you sure about the -ve and +ve colours for the speaker wires?

Thanks mate,

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i may have misinterpreted the info i got of ford forums.
this said that

geen/yellow +12v
blue/white +12v acc
blue/red not used
orange/black lfA
green/white rfG
orange/green lfG
brown not used
black/white rfA
black ground

i understood Active (A) to be positive and Ground (G) to be negative. am i wrong? i wired up my car this way and it sounds alright.
I might have done it wrong. I dont really know.
If i did sorry.

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Re: speakers

cool, well I got new speakers a few weeks ago and checking the rear ones, the -ve on the speaker has a black stripe and so does the wire connected to it from the wiring harness, so I am guessing that the front have the same thing.

Does anyone know what the sound would be like if they were reversed?

Hey dan, you can use the brown and the blue and red if you like. I found out, the borwn is for parking lights, so that whenever you have your lights on your HU dims (if it allows that), and the red/blue is for power aerials (not that I have one on my GL)

Thanks again,

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