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Never again

First, the salesperson gives me & motor reg dept. (or whatever they call it now) the wrong VIN number & insists it was the reg dept fault, this delays delivery, I let that slide.
Then he will not even throw in a couple of extra drink bottles for the inconvenience, oh well I let that slide.
Wednesday I phone up about the SunSmart tint warranty I did not get, only to find out that the wrong tint has fitted. Thought it did not look so good. So we organize the right tint to be fitted today. Another one slides by.
Tonight I drive the car & I have a rattle in the car, this car never rattled before. I check the left rear door trim & find the trim is not staying clicked in properly, so it rattles.

Now I am p****d off with this dealership, I picked up the Ghia on Saturday 18, & I have now been back twice & will have to go back again.

The tint looks fantastic, does a great job of protecting us from the sun. But I doubt if I will get it on my next Territory (six speed auto), I doubt that I will go back to the same dealership.

What should I say, am I being to picky?

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Re: Never again

No I dont think you are being too picky. You have a right to get good service if you have given them your hard earned cash.
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Re: Never again

Just spoke to the sales manager, he told me that the workshop would fix it & put me straight through to them. They told me there was nothing they could do & that I need to speak to someone else, but he did not know who & he couldn't transfer me to anyone.
So I phoned up again & asked to speak to the person who looks after aftermarket, she was not in. So they were going to put me through to the manager which I had no luck with.
So I said dont bother because he can't help. I also said that I have had it with this dealership, there has been a number of things that have made me feel that their service is sub-standard and I am very angry.
I was told that a Customer Relations rep will ring me on Monday.

Wish I had never gone to this dealer.
The bad feeling has spoilt the joy of a great vehicle.
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Re: Never again

The best thing to do is to hit them with a formalised letter of complaint, with a detailed breakdown of the different events you have had to deal with (including important information like dates), and send a copy to BOTH the dealer principal and to any and all government departments (Fair Trading / Consumer Affairs, etc). In the letter to the dealer principal, let him know that you have sent it to these other departments.

Poor dealership service is far too widespread among Ford dealers, and is something I think most of us here have experienced in varying degrees. It is an issue close to me, as I have had more than my share of botched services, and at the worst, a theft of expensive sunglasses from my car whilst it was at a dealer for a service (which of course was never admitted to or resolved!)

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Re: Never again

Did you hit him up for the $1000 worth of free accessories - that should buy a few drink bottles :)
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Re: Never again

Try not to let this bad experiance sour your taste in the vehicle, the best thing you could do is follow everybody's advice as above and let the dealership know the path's you are travelling down to get the job rectified and don't let them spin BS to you.

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Re: Never again

An update.

After being told a Customer Relations representative would contact me at 9.00am Monday morning, I got a call from them at 11.30am. She appologised and listened to my complaint, I gave her a quick run down and explained that I would rather put it down on paper and email or fax it to her. She agreed, asked for my email address and said she would send me an email with her address, I'm still waiting.

She also promised to sort out the problem.

I've included the letter that I am sending her. Is it appropriate?

I have had an ill-feeling towards (dealer) that has grown from the day I went in to purchase the Territory Ghia.
The story is too long to tell all and I don’t want to be a bore, so I will list the issues that have affected my view on the (dealer) Company.
• Tried to charge me for Prestige Paint on the Ghia.
• After I signed the paper work, S....n informed me I had to talk to a S..e. I was disappointed to have S..e. explain to me that she was the aftermarket con******t; I thought I had just purchased the top of the range Territory and I dread having aftermarket items fitted, because I worry about them causing problems with the vehicle. I mentioned this several times to S..e and S....n, both assured me that all work is carried out by professionals. I was also disappointed because S....n did not ask if I had the time or inclination to talk to Su..e.
• On the same day, (dealer) was advertising ‘free mats with the Territory; this was not mentioned or offered to me, I saw the advertisement on a vehicle as I left the office.
• Su..e called me two weeks later and asked if I had made a decision, I told her that I had decided “not” to have them. She then told me “if you go anywhere else & get it done you will void your new car warranty. And I’d hate to see that happen….” I then phoned S....n and explained how angry I was. S....m gave me the impression that I was not telling the truth, he called me several days later and tried to convince me that he thought Su..e had meant the paint protection warranty would be affected if I went anywhere else for the same aftermarket products, I did not agree.
• Two weeks later, Su..e contacted me again and offered the two stage paint protection, interior protection and the premium SunSmart tint for $600 less than her original quote. I was flabbergasted, and asked why. I eventually agreed to her offer but with Trepidation.
• Contact from S....n became irregular, but I was not too concerned about it. But when the estimated delivery date got closer I called him on Saturday to find out if there was a definite delivery date, I needed to know so I could organise insurance. I was told yes, Thursday. My wife and I were both extremely happy and all bad feelings towards (dealer) forgotten.
• On Monday I contacted S....n again for the VIN and registration numbers to allow me to insure the vehicle, S.....n gave me the VIN number; 6FPAAAJGAT4L5....5.
• Thursday night, just before pick-up, I receive a call from S....n; he informs me that the Transport deptartment has issued the incorrect number plate for the vehicle, and that I would not be able to pick it up. That was not a problem, but I explained to S....n that I had organized for the transfer of insurance from my trade-in to the Territory for that night; S....n was kind enough to offer a loan car.
• That night we take our trade-in to (dealer) Ford and S....n shows us our new car, my family and I were extremely happy, but I noticed only two drink bottles. I asked about the other two, S....n told us the Territory only came with two, so I asked if he could throw in another two to compensate for the inconvenience, S.....n said he would organise something.
• Friday I re-organise the insurance; VIN number 6FPAAAJGAT4L5....0, registration number X..-..3. S.... calls & tells me that the registration number is wrong; correct number is X..-..5. So mad rush to contact insurance company again.
• On the pick-up day I am so happy, all bad feelings are forgotten. I ask S....n about the drink bottles, and I am told he could not organise any; I thought buying a $60,000 car and having had a poor experience with (dealer) that a couple of drink bottles could have been thrown in. While conversing with S....n I ask how he had given the Transport department the wrong VIN number; he insists that it was the Transport department’s “fault”. If that is true, how did I end up with the wrong VIN number for the insurance? Have I just been lied to once or more often than I know of?
• Driving the Territory that weekend, all negatives of (dealer) are forgotten, my family and I are very happy.
• Monday we are told to pick up the warranty papers for the aftermarket products, there is mention of a warranty for the window tint but no documentation. My wife enquires with Su..e, and asks about it.
• S..e phones and informs me that the wrong tint has been installed; there goes all the good feeling. I mention that I am concerned that removing the trim again will cause problems; she assures me there will not be a problem. Back to (dealer) on Friday morning, and pick it up that evening; the car is filthy, black/grey water stains on paint, grubby windows & dirty carpets, this I can handle. A rattle in the rear right hand door trim is too much, that night the horn went of for about 60 seconds, has not happened since; to say I am disappointed is an understatement.
• Saturday the 25th, I phone to talk to S....n, he is not available. The Manager talks to me instead and tells me to talk to G...... in the service the department, he transfers my call. G..... is not there, and the person I talk to can not help me, or transfer me. I am extremely angry by this stage and tell him “I have purchased my first & last new car from (dealer).” I later phone back to speak to Su..e, but I am told she is not in, the receptionist wants to put me through to the manager, I say “don’t bother he can’t help me.” And I explain how angry I am with (dealer); she takes down my details and tells me that a Customer Relations representative will contact me Monday morning.
• The Manager calls me 10 minutes later and asks if the problem was sorted, I say “no”, he must have sensed that I was not too happy, as he also mentions the Customer Relations representative, he takes down my details & tells me I will be contacted Monday morning at 9.00am

I am sorry to say that the experience with (dealer) Ford has left me feeling dreadful; I wish I had never purchased the vehicle from (dealer). The Territory is a fabulous vehicle, it is everything we have wanted in a vehicle, and I will definitely be trading it in for the upgraded model when it is released.
It was mentioned to me that if any sales of the Territory were made through my recommendation, I would receive a spotter’s fee. I do recommend and brag about the Ford Territory to everyone I know. But at the moment I can not recommend (dealer) to anyone for a few dollars.

Thank you for your phone call, I hope we can sort out our problems.

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Re: Never again

Very comprehensive letter there, as has previously been stated that is the action you should be taking. Hopefully something happens as a result, stuff like this should certainly not be happening.

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Re: Never again

While the dealers continue to give such poor customer service, Ford will continue to be demolished by Holden, Toyota and other companies that may not offer the products we want, but have superior customer service.

Good luck mate, hope it all gets sorted out soon and quickly!

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Re: Never again

Thanks for the pep FordHawk & MaddeSTMaN

After talking to Customer Relations, I was confused as to why she wanted my email address to send me an email with her address.
I waited untill late afternoon and still had not recieved her email, so I phone. She was not in, but i got her email address and sent her the letter.
So much for Customer Relations.

This shows what advertising can do. It doesn't matter that the business service is substandard and that customers tell others how bad it is, throw enough money at advertising projects and who cares how the customer feels after the purchase.

I think this may be a big city/big dealer problem. A friend of mine was looking for a new Holden ute, he went to a few of the well know city dealers & did not like their attitude. So one day while working in the country he pulled into the local Holden dealer and was so impress signed the contract that day.
He still goes there for his servicing.

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