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confused More rainy day problems,1997 explorer

I didn't think anyone would return to the other post so I'm posting again.I tried my windshield wipers today , nothing.I tried the power windows,nothing.I located both fuses from the manual,they are good and the fuse locations are showing 12 volts on my multimeter.Like I said in the previous post,yesterday I drove it awhile and things returned to normal.No rain today.If something was wet,It's had time to dry.Can anyone tell me what I should check next?Did I read where there is a local ground buss on the vehicle? Has anyone had this problem that can help ? Thanks,,OLJO FROM ALABAM
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Re: More rainy day problems,1997 explorer

If you haven't already, scan the vehicle for codes. If one did creep up that you missed and the engine light went away, it should still be stored for up to 50 restarts.

I wouldn't put it past being a computer problem. Make sure the wiring harness connectors are secured, especially those connected to the PCM.

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Question Re: More rainy day problems,1997 explorer

Thanks again,where's the pcm?
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Question Re: More rainy day problems,1997 explorer

O K Here's the latest.We had a warmer day today so I tried a few things.Got to get back to work Tuesday so I've got a little more time to spend on this before I lose my evening daylight for working at home.I removed the door panel to get to the switches with my tester.The blue with a black stripe wire seems to be the feeder.Jumping across each switch from here,the volts would go from 12 to 0 when I press the switches. I tried it with the truck running as not to lose power too.I jumped a wire from the fuse panel inside and they will work. I cant visually see any thing goin on here so I stopped on that.So I thought relay maybe on the wiper situation.According to my fuse panel under the hood,the relays for the rear and front wiper and the horn relay are all the same ,so I swapped them around to see if it made any difference.Not at all.I checked each fuse and they all are good.While I was working the wipers made one swipe and stopped.I left them on so just in case I shook a wire with a bad connection.I havent looked at the wiper switch on the steering column yet.It's just odd both problems started at the same time.I got Advance to check for a code because the check engine light has been on for about a month now.All they showed was it was running a little lean according to the code.They said try some fuel injector cleaner for this .That's another story!It's still running fine.Any ideas based on what I've done so far? Thanks ..OLJO FROM ALABAM
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Exclamation Re: More rainy day problems,1997 explorer

Hey there, if you're still having problems, I'll let you know what my husband & I experienced in a similar situation with our 2000 explorer. We found a small break in the wire covering of the harness that goes through the corrugated rubber deal that connects the door controls to the car itself. It took some looking and a lot of testing (for continuity) before we found it...evidently either to age or just usage, the wiring harness had a couple of wires that were slightly damaged, so we just clipped the wires & put in a new piece. Be sure NOT to lose either end of the wire or it will be a bearcat (or worse!) to locate them again! We put a string on ours just in case, cuz I'm a bit clumsy when I help sometimes. BE SURE YOU'VE DISCONNECTED THE BATTERY BEFORE DOING ANY REPAIRS TO AVOID FRYING YOUR COMPUTER! Anyway, we soldered the new piece in and taped it REALLY tightly. If possible, you may have enough excessive wire that you can clip out the bad part and just twist together or solder, but be sure to tape each area with good electrical tape. We also checked all the relays under the hood just in case.
We also a 96 Taurus that had the "multifunction switch" (the big lever on the steering wheel area) that malfunctioned and that's how the wipers were controlled. Thank goodness, we found there was a recall on that part and dealer replaced for free!!
Just a couple of suggestions to try, we feel your pain and frustration, so good luck!
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