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2003 expedition stalls for no reason

i have a 2003 expedition with the 5.4, have owned for 3 years, currently has 111000 miles on it. about 6 months ago, came to a stop light and when it turned green, the car wouldn't move, the rpms stayed at idle regardless of position of gas pedal. after a few seconds it worked fine. a few months later it happened again with same result. every time, there is no service engine soon cel light on. didn't worry too much, then a month ago it started to die on the wife while driving. you will be driving along and it will go from accelerating and 1500-2700 rpms to having no accelleration and no increase in rpms, they will slowly drop to idle, like you weren't pushing the gas pedal, then it will idle for a second or two, then the battery light comes on and it dies. pull over and it starts right up. It happened to me on the interstate a few weeks ago with cruise locked in at 75, it was like i hit the brake and disabled cruise but the cruise light was still on, the rpms went from 2700-750, then the car died. I put it in neutral and it started right up. I was going 55 mph at this point and shifted it back into d and everything was fine for 10 miles. this time, while travelling 75 with cruise on, it downshifted hard and coasted to a stop. it would move in reverse and 1 and 2, after that it would coast to a stop. after a tow to the dealer, they noted direct clutch had come apart and quoted $3220 to repair. I put a used transmission in it and have about 1000 miles on it, on a recent trip it did the same thing where the rpms drop to an idle then it dies. two times it started right up, the third it just cranked but didn't throw any codes. after sitting 5 minutes, it started right up and completed the rest of the 40 mile trip. tonight i hooked up my live data scanner and noted the throttle position sensor (tps) % was 19.6 with no pressure on gas pedal and car at an idle of 720 rpm. any suggestions, there are no pending or freeze frame data. i am leaning towards a bad tps but would like some suggestions. thanks in advanced

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Re: 2003 expedition stalls for no reason

It could be the TPS. There have been problems with the sensors. I'd get one from Ford though because the aftermarket ones aren't reliable. If you still have the problem, post back.

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Re: 2003 expedition stalls for no reason

That's in the normal idle range for the TPS. I just went out and checked mine and it's 19.5% at idle. Could it be something simple like a fuel filter? Or fuel pump? Have you put a fuel pressure gauge on the fuel manifold to see what you're getting up there? Usually when it's something electrical like the TPS, Oxygen Sensors, Coil, etc. you'll get a DTC code. Whereas with fuel you will not.

- Mike
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Re: 2003 expedition stalls for no reason

Mine did the same thing & everytime I took it to my mechanic he couldn't find a thing. After a week at the ford house they called & it had done it to them. FINALLY!!!! they replaced the air intake valve & now it runs great!!!!!
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Re: 2003 expedition stalls for no reason

Hello, I saw the post about the 03 ford losing power and thought I would let you in on my experience.

I had the same problem while driving on I-95. I had a Ford mechanic at work put it on the computer thing and it had no codes.

He told me his opinion was to have the spark plugs changed, b/c he had seen this before. Note, I had changed the fuel filter before the spark plugs without change, other than better gas mileage.

So for months I drove it like this due to lack of money and decided to try to do it myself which he thought was not a good idea. So, if you do it be very careful not to break them off in the motor and have an air compressor to blow out anything you drop in there.

He said to get Bosch platinum plugs which I did not- again low funds. But I should have anyway. I put ford ones back in. It was dificult to say the least, but I did follow his reccomendation to spray PB blast in the night before and let it sit to losen them up.
He said at 100,00 miles if they had not been changed this is most likely the reason.

Anyway, I replaced the spark plugs and it drives much better and does not do this anymore (what you explained). I am going to look into changing the wires/coil pack too cause it seems to be very sluggish w/o power. So, if you can do it all at the same time.

I hope this helps. Mine does not stall and sputter anymore and I hope you can save lots of headache.

Oh, also he told me the motor is the best motor ford made and that big plastic thing over the motor that has like 5 bolts screwing it is only for looks and I should take it off so the motor could breathe/get more air which I did. Just an idea.

Take Care,
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Re: 2003 expedition stalls for no reason

After searching on here because my 03 Expedition was stalling we changed the "Crankshaft position sensor" and now all is well.....I think the post we took advice from was from back in 2008, but it was dead accurate and no more stalling and it even accelorates smoother!!!!
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Re: 2003 expedition stalls for no reason

Good to hear the forum advice helped / fixed your problem .
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