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Ford Customer Serivce

F-250 Ford Product Review/ Ford Motor Company Customer Service


December 17 2003 Purchased truck from Paul Steely Ford. The truck was originally shipped to Ramey Ford in Johnson City, Tennessee and was found on the Ford computer system’s vehicle locator. Steely’s Ford did a dealer trade to get it. I went with Paul to pick it up in Johnson City and drive it back to Williamsburg. It had something like 14 miles on it when I left Ramey’s in Johnson City. It was a new vehicle not used.

Chronology of Problems with truck


Headed to my grandfather’s funeral in London, Kentucky on I-75. As I began to accelerate off of the Exit 25 Northbound ramp the engine began detonated twice. I considered parking it then, but I only had an hour to get to the funeral home where I’d been given paul bearer duties. The entire trip to London the truck bucked, refused to run at interstate speeds and several times the engine quit but was started back by the transmission as it rolled down the road. I took it to Paul Steely Ford that evening for repairs. They replaced the DPFE sensor and VGT Control. See RO 11248

I picked up truck about 10 days after that and it had a nagging lope in the engine. Running at speed it did not run smoothly. It also had an extreme loss of power compared to what it had originally. I returned the truck to Steely Ford the next week and they reflashed the computer. I do not have a ticket on this trip from the garage.

When I picked up truck again and the lope was less noticeable but the engine had lost power. On hills that it previously pulled in 3rd gear, I would now have to downshift to 2nd and at times 1st. I figured that I would drive the truck for a while and hope that whatever was wrong with it would go ahead and break so it would be easier to find. By December it had gotten extremely poor in it’s performance and I scheduled an appointment to have it worked on again. On Jan 18th the truck was put into the shop. Service technician test drove and observed the low power condition and the constant surging. This time the EBP and EGR valve were replaced as both were clogged with carbon. See RO 11732

Feb 22, 2005

Experienced problems with fuel filter and pump system on the bottom frame rail. Truck would not start and had to be towed to the dealership. Pump Water separator housing replaced. RO 11896

Picked up truck and it ran fair for a few weeks although not as good as it had prior to the initial problem then went back to the same low power condition. I continued to drive it hoping it would either straighten out or break and make the problem obvious.

By May, the truck had completely lost power and would hardly pull out into the road from a stop. I scheduled an appointment in June. Again the VGT solenoid was replaced. RO12380

The truck was not any better when I picked it up than it was when I took it in, so I took it back in July at the next scheduled appointment. Tech could not find a problem after running computer tests although the truck did have low power driveability issues. RO12503

8-24-2005 Back in shop again with same complaint. The technician contacted the hotline and requested an engineer inspect the truck. They did some tests on it but could not find the problem. The engineer requested I come down and show them what it was doing, so I went to drive the technician. I spooled the engine up in the parking lot and dropped the clutch. The truck barley rolled from the parking lot entrance to well past the first red light before the engine picked up power and took off. The EGR valve was replaced again.

3-20-2006 Returned to dealership with same low power complaint. They found a recall on the program for the computer and recalibrated the computer. This did not solve the low power issue and I finally decided that I would have to live with that. RO 13255

In Late May of 2006 The low power problem, In My Opinion, began to manifest itself in another way. Intermittently, the engine would be almost super powered. When that happened, it would blow the turbo boot hose off. I stopped in the dealership with the hose blown off and they put the hose back on. I made it less than 3 miles from the dealership before the boot blew off again. I called and they said that they would order a new boot. It turns out that Ford had a redesigned boot to replace the original boot complete with a new pipe. Dealer said they would call when the parts arrived as they had to be ordered. No ticket was made on this service.

By mid June approximately 2 weeks later, nobody had called, so I called and asked and was told they still yet did not have the boot. This seemed rather odd to me that it had took over 3 weeks for a Ford Dealer to order a rubber hose from Ford. Meanwhile I was having to drive my 1995 F250 which doesn’t have an operational air conditioner. Over that weekend, I decided I was going to put the boot back on myself or roast one in that older truck, so I re installed it and tightened the fool out of the clamps on the hose. I also tightened the other clamps on the other hoses in the same system. I found I had to retighten the hoses every 2 or 3 days or one or the other would fall off.

The truck seemed to run a little better for that couple of weeks, but I still wanted a new hose to give me piece of mind that my truck was dependable to be on the road in. I called the dealership again and found out that the Service Manager had left and the new guy knew nothing about my hose. He said he’d get one. I thought over a month is a bit long to wait on a hose, so I called Ford’s Customer Non-Service.

I finally spoke to Sherri Konicki at 1 866 631-3788 Ex 7385. She said that she would look into the problem as well as the alternating low power and over power issues and see what could be done. She said she would call me back. She called me during my lunch hour and when I returned, I returned her telephone call to get her voicemail which states, “Leave a message and I will return your phone call within 24 hours.” So I left a message.

2 Days later, I’d received no phone call so I called and left another message.

2 more days and no return call so I left another message.

The next week, I called daily leaving messages. At this point, My truck is still not fixed and it’s mid July driving my farm truck with no AC in it. By the weekend, I’d had no return phone calls from either Sherri or the Dealership.

The next Monday, I called Sherri every hour leaving a message and got no response yet.

Tuesday morning, I recruited some friends to help me call Sherri and leave messages for her to call me back. I believe I was told that she got 168 messages that morning to call me. Maybe that was a tad overboard, and I shouldn’t have done it, but any business person should return their phone calls. I don’t know what else would be expected other than an Irate customer who can’t get a simple phone call.

I believe I was patient enough trying to work with Ford over the 2 year time period and multiple visits to the dealership to fix my problem.

Finally David at 1 866 631 3788 Ex 7302 called me back and informed me that he was taking over for Sherri. He told me flat out off the bat to not ever call Ford again. Then he threatened to have me charged with Harassment for placing so many telephone calls to Sherri. To say the least, I was quite upset over that threat. I asked David who I should call to get service on my Ford truck, Possibly General Motors? I said it in a sarcastic way. David said, “I consider that to be a threat.” He listened to a little bit of my problem and eventually told me, “The thing for you to do might be to purchase a Chevrolet.” I replied that I might very well do that. He said that he considered that a threat and hung up on me.

Eventually, the dealership called and told me the boot was in to come get it.

I did, but when I picked up the truck, the low power condition was definitely still there. There is a traffic light at the corner of the dealership’s property and when I got to it, I was the 2nd vehicle back from the red light. When it turned green, I released the clutch and stepped on the fuel pedal. The light turned yellow before the truck managed to pick up power and roll through the light. I turned around and returned to the dealership and told them it was not fixed. I understand that a Ford engineer looked at the truck while it was in the shop this time and the EGR valve was replaced again, but I was not provided with a service order for this visit.

I returned to the dealership and spoke with the Owner’s Father who oversee’s the dealership. I was told that my truck was fixed, nothing was wrong with it and they had done all they were going to do for it and not to bring it back. I told him that since it was fixed and he had a new truck on his lot, that I’d like to trade for the new truck to make me a price. He said with the mechanical history on my truck, he would not be willing to trade for it at all as with it’s problems he would not be able to sell it.

That week I was in Richmond Kentucky inspecting property for a client and attempted to trade it at a dealership there. They ran the computer report on the truck and they too would not trade for it. At that point, I realized that I owned a truck that I could not trust to drive on trips out of town, could not sell, and would be stuck with.

This low power problem is getting worse and worse and it is a dangerous safety issue. In September it stalled 4 times trying to pull out of a driveway onto a side street in Corbin. I would let the clutch out and give it fuel like normal and it would just quit. I stopped by Falls Ford in Corbin since I was in Corbin at the time and asked if they would hook it to their computer and see what was wrong with it. They said that since I bought it from the dealership in Williamsburg, I should take it there and since I’d had so many problems with it they were unwilling to get involved with the truck. The truck stalled 6 to 8 times before I was able to get it out of their parking lot and onto the highway. The next day my adjuster and I went to look at a fire loss in Woodbine, KY and the truck stalled twice on the CSX railroad tracks. These are a double set of tracks coming into the largest yard between Knoxville and Cincinnati. It is a very busy set of tracks. This is a very dangerous situation and nobody at Ford or their dealerships seems to want to see to it that the truck I purchased is the one they advertised and not the ill performing clunker that I have.

I called Customer service again and asked to speak to a supervisor.

Blanche who identified herself as a supervisor called me back at approximately noon on 10-5-2006. She took information and said she would call me back

Blanche called back that afternoon and said that Margo will call me tomorrow and Sherri would take over Monday and call me then.

Lucretia Sutherlin Called a 4:58 pm on Monday said Ford would be doing nothing to fix my truck and that it was in perfect working order. This on a truck that a week prior to that was stalling out on railroad tracks.

Lucretia Sutherlin Called at 10:20 am and instructed me to take the truck to Paul Steeley for Service. I told her that in my conversation with Margo Austin on Friday I had given specific instructions on what sort of repair I would accept and that nothing short of that would be acceptable. Before I took this truck in, I would have to be assured that the instructions I gave would be followed to the letter. That includes Replacing the engine with a brand new, not rebuilt, not remanufactured engine. All pieces and parts would have to be new. The clutch would have to be replaced as well since the faulty engine is causing it to wear prematurely. All computers and wiring harnesses would also need to be replaced. I specifically told her that I was not interested in any repair that did not involve that list.

I also told her that Blanche the Supervisor had given my case to Sherri Koniki and I expected the call I was promised on Thursday.

Margo Austin – Customer Service Calling Tomorrow
1866 631 3788 Ex 7420

Called Friday discussed problems with truck. We discussed it’s problems for the better part of an hour. Margo talked as if I might be due a replacement vehicle or a buy back.

Sherri Konicki- Will Call Thursday October 12th 1 866 631 3788 7385

Sherri Called Oct 12th and said that Ford would offer me a discount on the purchase of a new truck but would not buy mine back. I don’t see the advantage of this since my truck has been refused as a trade in by 2 dealers. Sherri said Ford would not guarantee the trade in. I told Sherri to get me a price on the difference before I would even consider this offer.

Sherri called back Oct 17th to see if I was interested in the discount on the new vehicle. I said I still do not have enough information. I don’t know what they plan to give me for mine. She said she understood but was argumentative when I pointed out that unless Ford was guaranteeing a fair value for mine, this deal wasn’t going to fly and I am still stuck with this p.o.s. truck that nobody seems to be able to fix. I mentioned that it was currently leaking something in my driveway.

Nov 2nd, Stopped by Dave Damron’s to have my oil changed and check on leak. Leak appears to be antifreeze coming from rear of engine on the passenger side. It was 2 gallons low on coolant which we filled to the mark on the bottle.

Sunday Nov 5th, drove truck to south interchange and back. Coolant leak was audible. I could hear it dropping down. Inspected and found coolant pouring out of the bell housing area of the transmission. Starter appeared to be soaked with coolant, and it appeared to be coming from somewhere on the engine block above the starter toward the head. Too much junk in the way to see exactly where it was coming from.

Nov 6th, dropped truck off at Steely’s to be fixed. They said they wouldn’t touch it till Thursday.

Went to check on it Thursday November 9th. The current issue is a bad EGR cooler that has leaked antifreeze into various parts of the engine and onto the ground. EGR coolers tend to get damaged when the turbo is overboosting the system because it’s vanes are not correctly positioned. The technician told me he would be replacing the hose for the cooler, but would have to disassemble the engine to clean the antifreeze out of where it’s not supposed to be, put it back together and give it back to me. I expressed my opinion that so long as the root cause of things like EGR cooler hoses coming loose, turbo boot failures and the like is not addressed and repaired, those things will continue to happen. In my opinion, this and all of the other issues are being caused by the sticking turbo charger alternating between closed and wide open. When it sticks wide open, the pressure from the overboost condition causes the destruction of boots, hoses, head gaskets and other items meant to seal in the air.

Called Sherri Konnicki and left a message Thursday for her to call me in the morning. Her voice mail suggests that she may not be in the office.

I called Margo Austin hoping to get to Blanche the supervisor. Margo is out of the office until the 16th Her voice mail states for me to call Johnna Harris at extension 7430.

Called again and finally got someone. They said that they would have a supervisor call me in 2 days.

I drove to Williamsburg and spoke to Paul David Steely. I handed him a written copy of my 3 option demand and instructed him to get it to whoever at Ford that needed to have it. I also explained that Randy, the service advisor who was in charge of the shop when I had my initial problem refused to take my truck the first time I brought it in and told me to bring it back 10 days later that he was making me an appointment. The problem was, the truck was backfiring and quitting on the interstate coming to Williamsburg and I didn’t feel like the truck would make it to my house and back which I explained to him. At that point, I dropped the keys on the counter and told him I wasn’t getting back on the interstate in a truck that was quitting going down the road. If I was going to walk, it’d be in town where I could call someone for a ride. From that point on, we did not get along, and over the years, I haven’t gotten my service tickets from him. I requested that Paul David provide me copies of the tickets. He did provide most of the service tickets for me. I have the ticket on the original problem and 7 of the follow up tickets on the continuation of the problem. There is a service order in September of 2006 where a Ford Engineer looked at the vehicle, but I can’t seem to get a ticket on that one.

That evening I e-mailed my demands to Ford and received this reply on Monday.

Dear Lonnie,

Thank you for contacting the Ford Motor Company Customer Relationship Center regarding your 2004 Ford F-250.

The circumstances that you have outlined in your original e-mail have been given careful consideration. Our records indicate that on 11/10/2006 0919 AM, you contacted the Ford Customer Relationship Center via phone and our Customer Service Representative advised you that you wil be contacted not later than Tuesday 11/14/06 by the end of business day. Please allow the requested time for the follow up to occur so that your issue may be properly addressed. If any new information regarding this matter should become available in the future, please let us know.

We consider the satisfaction of our customers one of our most important objectives. If you have any other inquiries or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to address them for you.

Customer Relationship Center
Ford Motor Company

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They did finally call and told me the $300 discount they offered me on a $42,000 truck was all they were willing to do and said they'd jumped through hoops for that. I asked if I could have 2 tanks of fuel to go with that $300 right before I told that gal what she could do with $300.

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Re: Ford Customer Serivce

man my eyes hurt now!!!!!!

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