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Texas Man
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Maybe this topic will get this board going again. Anyways, my own truck rolled over 110,000 miles last week as you see in the sig. It's had no mechanical problems and runs like brand new( but what do you expect from a 300-6? :) Anyone out there have 200K or 300K or more? Cant wait to hear some good ford truck stories.

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Ford Member
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Mine's not a six, but I have a 94 F150 with 184,000 miles. It is a 302, auto, and runs and drives like new.
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Escort GT Member
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OK, none are f150's, but you might want to hear them anyway.

My moms boyfriends econoline has over 400,000 miles on it. I think it's a 98, i'm not sure what engine or anything. He's an air conditioning man, so its completely filled all the time(couldn't even get a door to fit in it), and it's his only vehicle. Never had a problem with it. His van before this was an 86 ford, he has no clue how many miles were on it, the person who sold it to him just said its rolled over once or twice. While he had that one, some how it ran out of oil and over heated. One of the valves were stuck for a little over a year when it finally blew a rod. He always says, just treat your car like a woman, and it'll last for ever.

Oh yeah, my brothers 86 ranger has probably 150,000 miles or more. He blew the speedo(and odometer) on it driving way over 85, the only problem is his pedal has only two positions and the engines always way to loud for some reason I guess. He towed a full size chevy van that got stuck in a ditch with a bunch bushes, the entire area was a sheet of ice. My next vehicles gonna have 4wd :).

My escorts not a truck, but at least its a ford. i've had it almost completely run out of oil twice and it never over heated. My first stupid mistake i'll never do again was forgeting to put the oil cap on when I changed my oil. After about a week I couldn't figure out why it always idled around 2000 rpms, so I looked under the hood and saw it was missing. I'm sure there was some oil in it since the light never came on, but it didn't register on the dipstick. My second dumb mistake was not having the drain plug on tight enough, and I guess it got knocked off becase I was driving home and one of the spark plugs had come loose and made the car shake real bad. Right as I pulled into the drive way, the light came on. I shut it off right away, and saw the trail of oil. I followed the trail of oil for a little over two miles to get my drain plug that had been run over a few times. Put some oil in it, put the wire back on and it ran as good as new. Yeah i know I was stupid to let those things happen, but atleast I'm learning when I'm young on an escort. Its got a 140,000 and the engine and tranny are perfect, except for the 1st and 2nd gear synchros. Not to mention I charge down the highway in 3rd going 70 just to see how fast people move out of my way. I think I have the same problem as my brother.
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Low Mileage

How about low mileage ? I own a 1993 F-150 with only 59000 miles . Not bad for a car that's 8 years old .

Norm Wagner
1993 F-150 Inline 6
1996 MarkV111
2000 Contour SVT
2001 Bullitt
2003 Expedition
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Pallet Queen
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owner of two F-150's

I'm the proud owner of two F-150's Both are auto. with 302's and 8ft beds. One is a 90 (bought brand new) with 189,000 hauling miles on it. Still runs like a champ but is alittle rusty!It's blue and silver. The other is new to me I got her in Sept.2000 and she is a 91 with 86,000 miles and clean(myBABY). She is dark grey and grey. But i've put alot of bucks in her since I got her. It like needed brakes, lift springs, muffler,ball joints,and of corse some boss tires. It seems like every month something else needs done but she's my Queen. Put them side by side and it's like night and day. Hope to get alot of haulin out of her. My trucks earn thier keep. The old 90 paid for itself 10 times over!
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Multi Car Owner
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Mine is not a truck, but a 93 Marquis. 209k. Only repairs since day one...
Starter at 170k, Alternator at 50k, Tranny flush at 185k. That is it other then normal maint like brakes and tuneups!

70 Camaro SS // 87 Mustang GT Conv - 119k
93 Z71 - 264k // 01 P71 - 87k // 05 Dodge Magnum R/T - 122k
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I just bought an '89 f-150 4x4 with a little over 200K on the stock 302 and M50D. It runs pretty rough, but it made it 60 miles home running 70 MPH!!!
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roll F-150 mileage

My '95 has over 150K on it. Wish someone (FORD!!) had let me know about the recalls on fuel pumps and exhaust manifolds. Not cheap fixes but...
Can anyone suggest a way to keep up with the vehicle recalls when the Co. doesn't send out notices?
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Algae Diesle wannabee!
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cool Venerable, Hoarey F-150's

I bought a 78 F-150 4X4 300-6 that had 205K on it. He had replaced ithe engine with a NAPA rebuilt engine at 190K.
We put another 130K on it doing paper routs and Bundle drops, with only a Valve Lapping, which was forced on me due to my own ignorance.
However It went through a Power steering pump, three water pumps (Caused by a NAPA Thermostat) one Alternator, One Carb, two Exhaust manifolds, two Muffler and Tail Pipe setups, two sets of brakes, and at least two sets of U-Joints.
It had an ongoing problem with the Dash lights on the left side not working, and I just wasn't interested in pulling the Dash out.

A perfect truck for me would be a 73-77, 300-6, C-6, 4X4, extended cab. If I could get that in several donor trucks, I'd do the swapping. (If my wife would let me have all that Junk in the Yard long enough to get it done)

97/F-150/4.2L/XLT/Canopy. Old boats and motors too. I like the old Fords but I gotta have the features now that I'm old.
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Vintage Mustang Member
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The life expectancy of ANY vehicle is largely a function of: (1) the maintenance performed during its ENTIRE life, (2) the use to which the vehicle is applied, (3) the environment in which it is operated and lastly (4) the quality of its manufacture.

I buy Fords because I have had excellent service from them. I am a maintenance fanatic and I buy vehicles that are well-suited for the use that I give them. Total mileage alone is not the only measure of a vehicle's suitability.

Former vehicles that I have owned include a '72 F-250 that eventually went over 350K, an '84 F-250HD 4X4 that is currently in the mid-200K's and an '86 Taurus currently at 240K. My current truck is a '97 F-250 460 4X4 with 45K and doing very well. I have bought all of these vehicles new and done ALL of the maintenance myself. There have been ZERO lapses in the schedule due to indifference.
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