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FanStuckOn 11-24-12 05:19 PM

Cooling Fan Stuck On
Hey guys,

About a month back my girlfriend got in an accident. Didn't appear to be any mechanical damage, just needed a new fender, bumper, headlight, and hood. Anyways, she mentioned that her car is "loud" when she drives and upon looking under the hood, the cooling fan is always stuck on.

I'm not sure the cause of the problem, so far what I can think of in terms of possible causes are

- Fuse (but this would most likely make cause it to be stuck off right?)
- Relay (Could be stuck open)
- I hadn't been able to locate a single relay, but instead a constant control relay module underneath the air intake.
- Temperature Sensor

I have been leaning towards the fuse not being the problem. Figured a fuse problem would instead cause the fan to be stuck in the off position.

It seems that the temperature gauge is reflecting the correct temperature, as it is at C when the car is just starting and maxes out at the midway point. Seems that this wouldn't likely be the problem to me then (unless there are two separate temperature sensors, one going to the fan control module and one going to the gauge).

Would the constant control relay module be a likely culprit? Anything else you guys can think of?

Thanks for any help in advanced.

The car is a 1998 Ford Escort.

CatSkinner 11-24-12 07:18 PM

Re: Cooling Fan Stuck On
Sounds lie your cooling fan relay is stuck in the on position.

FanStuckOn 11-24-12 08:13 PM

Re: Cooling Fan Stuck On
I was getting that same hunch. Can't seem to find any parts matching the description of a fan relay on autozone, oreily, napa, or rockauto though. Only thing I could find is this:

BWD RCM27M - Relay Control Module | O'Reilly Auto Parts

Is that fan relay incorporated into that module?

From what I've gathered from my googling, the relay should be under the air intake, but I can't start disassembling until I get some daylight tomorrow. Does that database by any chance have a part number for the high / low speed fan relays? Otherwise i'm not quite sure where to get a replacement part from if there are indeed two relays under the airbox.

Big Block Ford 11-24-12 09:56 PM

Re: Cooling Fan Stuck On
I'm not certain on the Escort set up but check if there is a temp sensor unit on the bottom of the radiator that operates the fan and make sure the plug is connected to it and if so make sure the connection is good. On some setups the fan runs if the sensor is unplugged.

R.S.LOGAN 11-25-12 01:49 AM

Re: Cooling Fan Stuck On
Dont like posting links to other sites but this shows you pictures and location of the sensors and relays , might help you .

Ford Escort Owners Association

CatSkinner 11-25-12 06:47 AM

Re: Cooling Fan Stuck On
I believe the relay in question should be in the fuse box in the engine. It look like a black block. Owner's manual should call it out.

FanStuckOn 11-25-12 03:04 PM

Re: Cooling Fan Stuck On
On the 98 model there is no cooling fan relay in the box. The relay there controls the headlights. There is however a fuse.

Anyways, I wound up replacing the CCRM and that did the trick. Her car no longer sounds like a lawnmower when driving it. Was ~$90 at autozone but they had none in stock so it cost me $140 at O'reily. Didn't find much information on this module in the manual but from what I've gathered is it holds four relays, one being the cooling fan and one being the fuel pump. Can't recall what the other two were.

In order to do the job I think it took a 1/2" socket to remove the air box, 5.5 mm socket to remove the CCRM, and a 5 mm socket to remove the harness from the CCRM.

Thanks for the input though guys, I appreciate it.

CatSkinner 11-25-12 03:11 PM

Re: Cooling Fan Stuck On
Sorry, tend to forget that Ford never does the same thing twice, the relay is located in the CCRM. Nice to hear you got it, then.

R.S.LOGAN 11-26-12 05:17 AM

Re: Cooling Fan Stuck On
Good to hear you got it fixed , info may help others with same problem .Thanks for update .

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