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Mr. Nash
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frown Sluggish acceleration and stalling engine faile safe mode- 05 Five Hundred

I fixed my car myself, 100% better instantly. I replaced front 2 CV halfshafts (Axles). I bought them off of eBay because first, I thought it was a halfshaft slipping in the tranny housing or somthing serious so I jumped right away. The passenger side was popping pretty bad, but I couldn't tell which side it really was.... (Driver side $75.00 no core charge, brand new, Passenger side $108.00 no core charge, brand new) Then I installed both myself, it was really easy, 30-45 min on driver side, 55-70 min passenger side, taking my time, no special tools needed. If you want the steps hit me up I'm down to help by all means.

The sluggish acceleration, the high rev jerking, and stalling, Engine Fail Safe Mode, I actually fixed tonight in my garage. This is about 3 hours of work, BUT a few bolts to remove, its a 3 hour job because you have to clean the throttle body really good, but I swear easy. Ford will charge you $500.00 for A NEW throttle body, and about $200.00 in labor when all it needs is a good spit shine and re-adjusting the plate. This is whats happening: the plate will shift a little, I mean about a 0.025" (thousands of a inch) over 68-80,000 miles because of burned fuel gunk build up within the throttle body, especially where the plate actually lays against the wall, causing a sticky temporary jam, and lack of air which causes the stall. When it releases if it doesn't stall you'll get the quick high-rev acceleration which you know isn't right.

SOOOOOOO, if you take the throttle body out (4 bolts- 8 mm). Of course FIRST unhook the battery terminals (which I did just for safety reasons), the vacuum hoses and the air filter and air intake (not manifold lol) just the hose coming out of air filter to throttle body. Okay so you have the T.B. in your hands, use a Torx head to remove the 4 bolts out of the T.B sensor cap (black and on left side as its secured in place on intake manifold) there you will see 3 gears. Now look at the plate remove the 2 Torx bolts from the middle. Use one thumb or finger to turn the white (middle) gear until the plate is north and south... use a little force and wiggle the plate out. Then use a soft wire brush, scrubbing the gunk off the plate and all inside the T.B.. Wipe with a rag, and continue as necessary. When it's all clean, use a DAB of gas and scrub with rag or brush, then one last wipe with rag. Make sure the gas is wiped off and of course dried before installing T.B.. The last and final tip... when installing the plate back in the T.B. housing do the same again, turn white gear until the gap where the plate goes (which you will see if your having to do it) is north and south again. Slide plate in, now let it rotate back to its normal position, insert both Torx bolts. DO NOT TIGHTEN ALL THE WAY DOWN... YOU HAVE TO CENTER THE PLATE OR IT WILL STICK A LITTLE. So center it then tighten the bolts.

Clean out the intake manifold where the T.B. attaches a little also. Nothing fancy, just wipe out as much of that stuff as you can. If this is the problem then I swear I helped save you a lot of money. Make sure you install exactly as you disassembled. My results: I drove exactly 50 miles and got 29.4 MPG highway, swear to it buddy, as before i was getting about 23-24. TESTED AT 55 MPH non stop San Antonio TX, I-410 about 11:00 pm,.... No Traffic... well this is my first post I have been reading about this same condition from other posts, and I have no surging, hard accelerations and instant improvement on gas mileage. Please feel free to contact me through this form of email me at [Moderator edit].

I really hoped this helped someone at least some one.

2005 SEL, AWD, CVT, 81,172 odometer

V/r Mr. Nash

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Exclamation Re: Sluggish acceleration and stalling engine faile safe mode- 05 Five Hundred

Moved to it's own thread, not related to CVT or 6 speed trans failures. A great write-up nonetheless. As far as the cleaning, throttle body cleaner, carburetor cleaner, or even brake cleaner works better than gasoline. Spray the gunk first then brush as necessary. You don't have to remove the throttle actuator/sensor either. You should be able to open the throttle plate by hand and just hold it open. It's mostly the gunk making the plate stick. We have a similar problem on Chrysler Pacificas where I work. Give the TB a good clean, and you're good.

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Re: Sluggish acceleration and stalling engine faile safe mode- 05 Five Hundred

It's gasoline that got it dirty in the first place.
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