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xle freak
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ef falcon

Hi guys,

I have a tc cortina that I want to start getting serious with so I have bought a ef falcon gli for a good price as a daily and was curious about a few things.
With the auto is it better to drive in "D" or in "3" as I have heard if you cruise in D that it will damage it swapping back to a lower gear all the time. Also I am after some clear side indicators that go in the guard does anyone know what model these came off ?

I have had the car less than a week but it is a very nice car to drive with plenty of comfort and performance, very impressed.

Is there any mods that people have done to their e series that they would recommend as mine is 100% stock for now.......



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Re: ef falcon

always drive in "d"
DL/NL ltd/fairlane ghia side repeaters is wehat you want.
put a stall converter in .

240rwkw slug.
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Re: ef falcon

If you read the Ef Falcon thread that i started you may get some ideas?

I would deffinately reccomend
Changing the oil + Oil Filter
Upgrade the Audio
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Re: ef falcon

Driving round town, leave it in D. If you are towing, then 3rd. The overdrive puts undue stress on the tranny, unless going downhill.

the biggest issue for you is Economy or power mode. You need to do a tank of juice in each mode to ascertain which better suits your driving style, and driving area.
Personally i find Power is best for me, but that is a misnomer, as i have found for my driving style, economy changes too low in the rev range (so it labours in the next gear) and Power changes too late (so it revs like a jilted wife)

What i tend to do taking off, is leave in power mode, then when the revs are where i want them, select economy, which forces a change to the next gear instantly, then back into power until the next change.

If i am just moping about in grandpa mode, then i just leave it in D, power.

I also manually downchange for gear braking a lot....might be why i get 50k+ out of my pads

As an example. Mum and i have the same car. I get 540 to a tank, she was getting 350. She drives only in Economy. wheni was driving it,i left it in power, and was getting about 500. (mums needs plugs, leads dizzzy cap and rotor)

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Re: ef falcon

I'm not convinced my trans is the best but the things it does, it does them consistantly.
I find if it is in economy it wants to change 1-2-3 pretty quickly, but it won't go into drive until I hit 70km/h. And the converter locks up as soon as I get to 40km/h in 3rd, if I am not flooring it.
In power mode the converter won't lockup at all in 3rd or drive, but it will change from 3rd to drive at 60km/h.
Because my trans needs a service, the shift from 1st to 2nd is real hard, and then it slips a lot from 2nd to 3rd, so I generally put it in power, nail it to 60km/h in 1st and when I get off the pedal it drops straight into drive.
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Re: ef falcon

You can do a lot to the six to wake it up (although they're not nearly as sleepy as a Windsor)

* exhaust & extractors
* cam
* chip
* headwork (there was a member on the .au forums offering to port the exhaust ports for $170)

Lotsa things can be done to these sixes Check out www.eseries.com.au

'91 EB Fairmont Ghia V8.
Pacemaker PH4000 extractors
Meaty semi-twin system
AUII XR8 t/b & maf, ELGT snorkel
BA semi-manual shifter conversion
Electronic shift kit
4.11 Hydratrak LSD
AU thermofans
Explorer intake manifold
Contra 16x9 rims, rubber: 225(f)/245(r)
Custom cupholders
Chiptorque HP2 chip
illegal tint

ET: 14.78 @ 91.48mph, 137rwkw!
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Re: ef falcon

Hey guys,

Thanks for the responses as for the trans I tend to drive in economy because of the price of fuel. I had the trans serviced the other week and he told me to keep it in "3" unless I am going to do over 70 kph for a reasonable distance.

As for the clear indicators could Raven please tell me how to make the fairlane side repeators fit I wrote down the model that you said and went to my local ford dealer and he told me that no matter what I do these will not fit even if I take of the body mould leaving just the hole in the guard they still will not fit. Any ideas.


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Re: ef falcon

go to this link.


240rwkw slug.
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Re: ef falcon

Thanks heaps Raven,

So from what I can gather if I go to the wreckers and get the mouldings of an nf/nl or el fairmont I can then go to ford and get the clear indicators to fit. Or I can keep the same moulding and try ratxr8. mmmmmmm I will try going factory first.

Now i just need to find a local wrecker with this model car

Thanks again

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