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Just about fed-up with the EA....already.

It's the most temperamental piece of shit car ever. I can't even set the bloody base idle on the ****en thing, but that's another problem. I've had so many "after-problems" with the thing it aint funny. I replaced the front suspension, now I get a creak and a wheel bearing noise. I replace the rear suspension and now the trailing arms are all chewed out and need replacing. I replace the manifold and now all this other shit is popping up.

I don't think I can get help with my dilemma anywhere else but in this forum so I'll start from the start.

I ended up replacing the CFI manifold and gas system with some MPI stuff I had sitting in the garage. I used a MPI loom, no injection stuff (injectors or rail) and didn't wire up the gas system ECU (still in my old car, waiting on SPRINTEA to get it out for me ).

Anyways, it all got down sweet. Then I went for a drive and the temperature sky rocketed to the scary side of the gauge. So now I'm getting freaked out and will do anything to get it going right for GOR. Doug suggests I get a new radiator, so off I go to Pick a Part and I get a near new radiator and clutch fan (yeah I bought a clutch fan..how sad).

I come home from work at 11, fit it all and go to fill up with water and I start getting sprayed with a unknown substance, grab a torch and find it's trans fluid. Send that shit down to forensics, bye bye GOR.

Aight so now it's all fixed. As a extra precaution I rip out my thermostat. Who needs a thermostat lol. Annnyyways, now my dilemma. In the hot weather if it's in, I'm 99% sure it'll over heat again even with the changed radiator. Now in the cold weather it's freezing the converter up. So what do I do ****en? I got no idea. Am I going to have to keep a 15 mill socket and a thermostat in the boot from now on? What should I do!!!!!

How do I know if the water pump is stuffed as well, without pulling the whole mofo out? I replaced one on a wreck I bought in April, that was **** job.

Anyways...soz for the long post. It feels like I'm just pushin' shit up hill with the thing these days.

I'll get some pics later, it looks pretty sick with out all that extra shit crouding the engine bay. I got proper injector hole plugs from AUZGAS so it looks all neat. I really need to get the proper computer happening for the gas mixer to work right *hint* SPRINTEA *hint* lol.


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Re: Just about fed-up with the EA....already.

LMAO @ the thread title

Firstly, why don't you just buy a brand new thermostat from Ford and whack that in? If it doesn't remedy the problem, it's obviously something else buggering it up... That's about all the advice I can offer at this stage LOL!

Originally Posted by Sundeep
Eh Yagz, suck my left teste mate I'll have boost for $1k, even if it is only 1 pound.

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EMW ??? Whats missing ?
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Re: Just about fed-up with the EA....already.

put a new genuine ford thermostat in.. that will fix ya freezing bit

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Re: Just about fed-up with the EA....already.

Sounds like my first EA... changed the timing chain and guides 3 &*cking times.
Id get the cooling system co2 tested and go from there, could very well be a waterpump

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Re: Just about fed-up with the EA....already.

Freezing converter? have you flushed it out? my converters use to do it all the time

dude, i feel your pain as a owner of another screwy EA(s). I found with Cheapo Thermostats the converter would freeze or the temp would fly up to 3/4's of the way and wouldnt go down.
Other thing is how is the converter water pipes connected? if they are in the Heater Core Hoses system then if u turn the Temp control to COLD the converter freezes but on HOT its fine. Thus why im reconnecting my water pipes with T pieces so it has water flow all the time no matter what the Heater Tap is on or off

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Re: Just about fed-up with the EA....already.

yeah i go with every one else a new ford thermostat should get the freezing of the converter fixed

but as i said before...
ya shoulda listened to me wen i said Quote'' your ****in crazy selling that sick car,to get a ****** cfi, 3speeder again..... i mean the ea already has been modded nicely so i don't under stand why your selling it..."

and what did you say...? Quote"well i just want to start from scratch again"

well there you have it a start from scratch with a dodgy car...

btw: i can't believe i just wasted my time going through my msn history to dig out these quotes

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Re: Just about fed-up with the EA....already.

yeah selling ur old ride seems like a crazy idea...

I mean I got rid of my ea....brought another one, but atleast its a 4.0L.

Good luck fixing it though. I remember I used to be paying for something every week, you'll get there eventually :)

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Re: Just about fed-up with the EA....already.

thats why its shit wen u sell a shitbox u know well... only bad thing about selling our headaches eheh

aussie aussie aussie OI OI OI!
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Re: Just about fed-up with the EA....already.

get rid of it and buy my car!

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Re: Just about fed-up with the EA....already.

for starters put in a new thermostat as sugested.
if you're running straight gas can you fit a dizzy from an XE/XF???? thats what i was hoping to do if i put a 4.0 into my XF
lots of things can cause over heating and ignition timing is one,
as for gas converter freezing, if its not caused by no thermostat? it could be as i did once and routed hoses with flow going into each end of converter(like putting two garden hoses together, no flow) should be either T pieced(rcommended) or in series not in heater hoses
have fun if the EA is as much a F*(k@N CANT to work on as my XG ute with the 4.0
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