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Exhaust Cat Noise

Alright my mate hollowed out my cat cause it was had it and I couldnt afford a new one..... nor did I think one from wreckers would do anything for the environment so if anyones got any posts about how they respect the environment save it cause I am sure everyones seen it in other forums...... Anyhow I have been getting that from my dads mate I am sick of hearing it..... does anyone know why it could be making a bang noise???..... its sorta like a backfire but sounds like I have ran over a compressed tin can or something..... I havent been driving my car for about 1 week now cause I am afraid of this noise I am getting..... I think the cat might have a slight hole it could that be the reason I have no idea I really dont and its really got me angry after all the stuff we tryed today......


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do YOU have rubber?
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Re: Exhaust Cat Noise

I wouldn't let myself get caught with a tampered cat! Can you borrow a good one to see if that fixes your problem and then purchase a new one when you can afford it?
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Oh, those poor, poor dolphins !

heh . . just kidding . .

seriously tho, was the car running OK (well as well as it would run with a blocked cat anyway ) before you modded the cat ?

Did you mod anything else at the same time ?

I think Ignition might have the best plan - If you can try another one and it sorts it out, perhaps grab one from the wreckers. Like you say, it might not be the most environmentally sound cat, but it'll possibly solve the banging problem ( so you can drive the car ), hopefully won't be blocked ( so you can drive the car fast ) and won't leave you in the poo if the epa / rta or whoever has a look underneath . . .
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Re: Exhaust Cat Noise

Try disconecting the batery for ten mins.
Also it will be louder because the air is flowing along nicely before the cat then it slows sdown and tumbles around in the bigger space(of the gutted cat).

I did the same thing to mine about2 years ago, and once i did the battery it came a little better, but still sounded shit because of the turbulance.
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Re: Exhaust Cat Noise

Hmm, well seriously I would rather pay the odd $200 for a cat than have to pay $10000 more for not having a proper one?

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Re: Exhaust Cat Noise

Check to see if any of the lacol Ford dealerships around your place have an alley way behind their lot. If so, go down there and check to see if there is a big blue bin of some sort. If there is one, it is likely that you will find a near new Cat converter for nothing.

There's a Ford dealership where I live that change the exhaust over from standard to a sports one whenever they get a car in. They just chuck out all of the old exhausts, tips, mufflers, cats, everything. Might find something that way. I find all sorts of things, and because they're throwing it away, it's not stealiing :o)
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Re: Exhaust Cat Noise

Good idea, I got a good muffler from the local muffler shop for nix, same thing, they just chuck em out.

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Cant All Fords Be 5Spd
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Re: Exhaust Cat Noise

well I have found the problem it was actually the inner guard under the front tire...... feel rather stupid.... I cant believe we spent so long doing other stuff..... umm my car runs tons better now it seems to rev better..... sounds louder and slightly deeper.... its got a little hole in it so it sounds shit when the exaust is cold..... awesome cheap mod though.... couple of months nobody will be able to tell its hollow :)...... for ppl who dont have a lot of money its probably the best mod you can do.....
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Re: Exhaust Cat Noise

as others have said - its a cheap mod NOW, but when the RTA checks out your car (as they will invariably do) they will notice your cat is not doing anything and they will fine you a SH*TLOAD of money - i believe that the max penalty for not having a functioning cat is about $20,000!!!!

get a bloody cat mate - you might get away without one, but i wouldnt be taking chances when those amounts of $$$ are involved.

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Re: Exhaust Cat Noise

The RTA will be easy to get of his back as he had it tested for noise and such just before we did it...

He he dam cops sayin his car is to loud that stuck it up them lol
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