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Thumbs down Radiant Exhaust, My 2c.

Radiant Exhaust… I think not!!

The following is my personal experience as a customer of Radiant Exhaust On Old Geelong Rd. (Very Long Post)

It all began about 2.5 years ago. I went in to have the last resonator on my EA’s exhaust system removed, and replaced with a 2.5” pipe from the last muffler, over the diff etc.
I was promptly served, and the exhaust section was replaced, fantastic service, besides the apprentice’s overalls catching on fire twice from the wielding sparks… quite amusing I might add.

On my way home, I noticed that the exhaust was rubbing. When I got home I had a quick look, and it was quite clear that the exhaust was sitting too far back, causing it to rub onto the car body.

I returned the next day to have the problem fixed. It took a while for me to convince them that it was rubbing, and when they finally decided to put it on the hoist, they saw where the fault was.
While they were fixing the exhaust, I received a few smart ass comments about other aspects of my car.. not very good service IMO. Anyhow, the exhaust was fixed and I was off.

The next time I was under my car I noticed that the U bolts on the connection had been wielded in position, as well as the joint, which was meant to remain removable, it looked like no accident.

About a month ago, I decided to get a sports exhaust system fitted. After shopping around, I found that these guys were the cheapest by far. I was reluctant to return there for the exhaust, however, a few days prior to this, a friend of mine had some exhaust work done by these guys and said that there were no problems.

I decided that I would ring up and speak to the guys. I explained my previous experience to the guy on the phone. He was real helpful and said that they have had a few complaints about this in the past, and it was the result of an employee having somewhat of a bad attitude, and whose employment was soon to be terminated. I was told to “Bring her in, and I’ll look after ya”… Sweet!! It was a 2.5” Redback Mandrel Bent system.

After the installation of the new exhaust, and the modifications to fit the existing extractors + Cat I was pleased with the service, and left there pretty happy.

The next day at work I noticed that the car was not unable to get over a speed bump without scraping. A quick measure under the car showed that the exhaust was the lowest point of the car by quite a bit, and there was only 80mm clearance to the ground. The previous exhaust past road worthy with ease. A few hours later, the car developed a large exhaust leak from the Extractor flange(Gasket was about 6 weeks old)… I was not impressed.

Back to the exhaust place on the Monday morning. As soon as I mentioned that the exhaust was sitting too low I was told to simply put higher springs in it. I obviously kicked up a stink about it and managed to get it back onto the hoist so that they could do there job properly.
I was willing to pay for the replacement extractor gasket as it was not installed by them.. fair enough. After debating the issue of the exhaust height, which was clearly sitting way too low, they agreed to raise it. I was also then asked to leave the workshop, and wait in the customer wait in room because of OH&S reasons, which is fair enough, but it didn’t seem too much of a concern a few days before when I was helping them putting the exhaust on. Exhaust was raised, and once again I left the workshop in a shower of smart ass comments. The exhaust passed road worthy.

The next time I was under the car giving it a service I noticed that both bolts on the flange after the Cat were wielded in position, along with the nuts. I decided not to bother with them as the entire exhaust system was now covered by a 2 year warranty, and I would not have to undo the bolts myself if something needed fixing.

Yesterday while driving the car, it developed another exhaust leak, from the flange after the Cat. Back to the exhaust place!

As soon as I arrived, I waited in the garage to be served. After being ignored for about 10 minutes, I approached the workers who were under a hoist and told them about the leak. They remembered who I was, “That guy that came in about the exhaust height”. I was told to bring the car back in an hour.

When I arrived, I was directed to drive the car onto the hoist, so I did.
The gasket was replaced, and not one of the guys spoke a word to me the whole time. Oh, and he had a hell of a time trying to get the wielded bolts loose. When the car was ready, the guy yelled “Done”, and simply walked off, leaving the bonnet open etc. I closed the bonnet, drove it off the hoist and went home.

The reason I have written down every detail about what I have experienced is so that anyone thinking to go to this place should hear about what at least one customer has to say about them. Rather then Boldly saying “They are a bunch of hopeless idiots, who are assholes once you hand over the money” I have given you the chance to make up your own mind about it.

I still have 22months left on the warranty of my exhaust, I wonder how many times I’m going to have to go back in that time.

I am happy with the actual exhaust system components/performance, however, I don’t see why I had to get so many hassles to get it like this.

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hey bass

this kind of shit is no good at all. ill relate a similar experience ive had recently...

my brother took his car to a well known brake specialist to have some work done. new pads and a general check up. he got the work done, paid the bill and drove the car home. he complained about a clunking noise coming from the brakes, but said it wasnt major. i took the car for a drive also, noticed the clunk, and gave the car a quick look over - i couldnt notice anything. at this point i shouldve told him to take it back - but we didnt.

this weekend i was doing an oil change on his car, so its up on the ramps and im having a look around - and i notice one caliper looks different to the other. one of the calipers was missing the two bolts that hold the ****ing thing on!

how can a workshop do this? brakes are something im not very confident with, so we paid to have the car worked on by a specialist - and this kind of thing happens!

we've written a letter of complaint and are sending it off soon - ill keep you guys posted.

i guess you have to be careful who you trust these days.

hope everything stays good bass, things like that are a pain in the ass.


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This is one thing I hate about having a car..

Their is a small minority of people that work in the industry that spend all their efforts trying to rip you off, treat you like shit, and act like you don't know anything when you try to explain things..

Although I haven't had any real bad experiences, friends have and everytime I take my car into a place to get it fixed, I always worry that they're trying to rip me off and it's a real bad feeling..

I could understand where they were coming from however, as I work in an industry where customers are a main part of business, and I deal with alot of people that are just wingers and wankers..
It is very easy to treat people with little respect if they seem like they are wingeing or just being a pain in the arse..

However, this is still not a reason to act like a bunch of wankers, and treat you like shit.

At least we all know where NOT to go to get our exhausts fixed!!

Thanks for that Bass..

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Welds on exhaust

G'day BC,

From what I've seen, the exhaust has to be welded when making an alignment adjustment on a newly fitted system as once it has been clamped and then moved to a new position it will over time return to its original position. As far as welding the nuts, I would guess this is a bit of insurance against the clamp coming loose. Lets face it, it wont have to be undone until the new system has had it and it is easier for the exhaust guys to cut the old clamp off than to muck around with old/dirty/corroded/damaged threads.

This still doesnt mean you should have to put up with the other problems you experienced.

Thats my 2c worth. Cheers.
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my mum put her car in for a service and got the break pads replaced there was a loud thumping noise while driving slowly, put up with it for a few days then took the wheel off and saw they forgot to put one of the bolts back in.. hmmm..

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Ive had similar experiences with my car. After many visits to mechanics you get to know the good ones from the bad. I now have a mechanic that i take my car too all the time coz when he did my 1st job (Split camshaft oil seal on my old TX5) he took me in and showed me exactly what was wrong, and what they had done to fix it. They also pointed out what may need replacing soon. (and not like Kmart where they say if u dont replace it your car will blow up!) Coz they took the time too explain what they had done - i go back coz i know they can be trusted. NOt only that, he always says what excellent condition my car is in, which makes my head expand BIG time! :)

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Simon i fell ya pain at a exhaust which scrapes on the car......

My story is , i got my nice 2.5" cat back system put on my car by midas ferntree gully, these guys are good , there friendly , helpfull and will always give you the best advice and the exhaust system i got on my car was well worth the $$$$$$$$ i paid, but 2 weeks after getting the exhuast done i had my car lowered and thats when i noticed a CLANGING noise when going over bumps, a quick check at the mechanics revealed its hitting on the diff trailing arms (i think thats what they are).... And then 2 weeks ago some turkey in a vs rear ended me and made it even worse, but thats a good thing, i got a whole new rear end which makes the car look better and the exhaust is getting fixed next week.

But personal note get your car lowered first before doing anything, then youll know what room you have too play with....

THATS ALL!!!!!!!!
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yeah i will have to get them to tuck the exhaust up near the body when i get my exhaust done, the car itself has a fair bit of clearance, but the exhaust is illegally low, even though it is standard - i dont know yet if i will go to an exhaust shop or buy a complete kit from herrod or Jim mock...

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Well Well, 3 weeks later and the exhaust Is leaking yet again. The gasket just after the CAT is stuffed, there is heaps of air coming out. I'll check the extractor gasket as well, it might be leaking.

I'll be back there next week..... again!!!!

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Simon thats soo ****ed.......

Id do three things

1. Take it back and tell em there faggots

2. Get a refund and go to another place

3. Stop drifiting and doing doughy's, that will stop the car from flexing and breaking the gaskets
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