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Sports Exhaust

I am going to be installing a new sports exhaust system very soon. What I want to know is, how much extra power will it add in general? Also, how much more performance would I gain from getting extractors etc. At the moment I'm just thinking cat back. My friend had a 2.5" system fitted on his 4.1L XF Fairmont today and I am not overly impressed. I once put his car to shame, but now he has the exhaust he keeps up!! And I have a MPI 4spd with a 3.23LSD, his is only a carby 3spd with a single spinner! NOT HAPPY!! It sounds better than stock, but it doesn't sound beefy enough for me. Should I go 3"?

Also, I noticed today, if i've driven the car sensibly for a while (never thrash it as soon as i start it) and then I give it a gutfull, when it hits about 3000-3500rpm, it starts to blow a bit of smoke. This only happens the first time it gets a few revs put through it, then its fine. What the hell is up??? I've also noticed that the exhaust fumes feel somewhat humid if that makes sense. If you put your hand near the pipe, it is really hot and it feels moist. If I rev it blows out black crap which I assume is water. Is this signs of a partially dead head gasket????? The car runs fine and everything though.

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The following thread may be of assistance:

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yeah man, that sounds like a leaking head gasket.....if the head gasket is just leaking you won't really get a decrease in performance but fuel economy will go out the window due to the fact that oxy-senser gets confused with the water in the exhaust.

I know the EFs have a habit of blow the head gasket at about 120,000km....


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Fuel Economy is fine though. I'm getting about 500k's city driving and about 650-700k's on the highway. Its got 254000k's on the clock, so the head gasket must have been changed before in it's life when should I be due to do one?

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sports exhaust

my ef does the same thing but my head gasket is fine, i got a 2.5 from the cat back on my car and i noticed a reasinoble amount of power increase that i was happy with. but i wasent happy with the noise, so i took of my from resinator which gave it a more beefy sound, 6months later it wasent loud enough again so i took my rear muffler off and replaced it with a hotdog, so i was only running from the cat back a 2.5 pipe with one hot dog and a 3.5 tip, now im happy. and now it seems to really want to get down and go when i hit about 3500rpm, but a stock falcon will beat me off the mark. I dont know about going 3inch from the cat back cause you might loose too much compression.

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well, i have an EF XR6 and i got the whole exhaust system done, and don't tell anyone, but it's got no cat converter shhh!!

It's a 3 inch all the way with a hotdog, and it sounds BEEFY, plus i got a considerable amount of power increase. All extractors do is help with the airflow by allowing more air out of the engine, but i believe they are a wank.. I won't get extractors because it's going alright as it is.

Good luck
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The water in your exhaust could just be from condensation of the moisture in the exhaust when the car is cold. When petrol is combusted it produces stuff like water(steam) and CO2 and other gases. When you turn your car off the steam eventually condenses to water as the exhaust cools. (this process is what stuffs exhausts i think cause it rusts them out). So i think its normal that the fumes feel humid, and the black stuff is water mixed with carbon deposits.

Also if you're not losing water from your cooling system the head gasket shouldnt be the problem.

Thats just what i reckon anyway

BTW my 2.5 inch exhaust with a single mercury muffler sounds sweet to me :)
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I installed a 2.5" catback sports exhaust ages ago, and although it made my car sound heaps tougher and faster it didn't actually make my car go any faster at all!

I think this is because I've still got a stock cat and stock extractors.. I think once I've updated the extractors and put in a bigger cat to match my 2.5" exhaust I think the beast will rev alot harder and breath a lot easier..

Remember an exhaust is only as big as it's smallest point, and considering the stock extractors and cat are only 2-2.25" it really doesn't matter how big the rest of it is..

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I'm no expert in cars but this is what I heard about bigger exaust.

A bigger exaust will gain you a little bit of power by letting the gas escape more effiiciently and reducing the pressure on the engine.

It will not gain great amount of power compared to other mods and the gas can only escape as quick as the engine outlet valves will allow it.

If you are lucky about 5% (stab in the dark figure) increase in power

If you want your car to sound good, go for the exaust system but if you want power, look at ramming air into your engine.
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Personally i think a cat back exhaust is a waste. If yer serious about yer mods u need to get the whole thing done. I found a great increase in performannce in my 3.9L MPI wagon. (althought my cat was rooted and was blocking my std mufflers)
With the new exhaust as soon as i hit 3000rpm on the mark, the power is delivered. Exhaust systems are only a minor top end mod. Sounds awesome tho! With extractors, the I6 gives a nice beefy grumble - even my Commie mate agree's :D


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