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Tom Adkins
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Re: 94 Taurus Engine stalls after a long trip, why?, Please Help!

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pick one wrote:
> "Tom Adkins" <> wrote in message
>> Hey Pick one,
>> Putting our recent discussions aside....
>> First off, I don't think the OP has a plugged exhaust system. His description
>>was a bit sketchy. I've seen symptoms similar to this on high mileage Tauri
>>and it was usually fuel pressure related.

> That is the typical cause I'll agree but, a restricted exhaust will look and act
> just like low fuel pressure. You should know why.

Yes, I know why.

>> Although it makes no real scientific sense and shouldn't happen,

> You should know why EGR controls NOX, do you not? Answer that and we will move
> forward.

Yes, I know how EGR controls NOX. I'm not arguing this with you.
>>I have seen a restricted exhaust cause much higher than normal cooling systen
>>temps, in severe cases to the point of overheating (usually the exhaust
>>manifolds were glowing orange at this point).

> I have seen glowing exhaust at night, I can tell you it was not because of a
> restricted exhaust, would you like to take a guess as to what the cause was?

No, I don't have a guess, from your description. I've seen a lean fuel mixtuer cause
high exhaust temps and glowing exhaust. I'm not saying that a restricted exhaust will
always cause overheating.
What I have seen is exhaust manifolds glowing bright orange in broad daylight due to
exhaust restriction, along with (to the driver) a sharp increase in cooling system
The most vivid recollection was on a 1966 FE (428 cid) powered motor home.(the first
case I ever saw). The H pipe was of a triple wall design and the inner "wall"
collapsed, mostly plugging the exhaust flow. The only noticible concern was
overheating and a slight lack of power. (Along with excessive heat radiating from the
Pick, I'm not disputing your theory, it is the same theory I have been taught for
years. I just know what my eyes have seen and what seemed to be the cause. I won't say
this is common, but i have seen it a few times.
>>I don't know why or how. Once the restriction was removed the temps returned to

> I have never seen it happen ,and I can tell you I have at least a few years on
> you.

I'm sure you do and I always bow to folks who have more experience and knowledge
than myself. I don't claim to know it all. I don't want to argue with you for just
that reason. I'd like for our conversations to be more reasonable. Maybe we both have
things to teach each other. I'm sure you have experience I can learn from, just please
don't discount mine.

Tom Adkins

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