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Re: Oil industry suppressed plans for 200-mpg car

Thanks I didn't know you can get 200 mpg with a Pogue carburetor. My
grandfather used a Pogue carburetor and he regularly gets 100+ mpg from
army surplus parts he got from U.S. tanks that was used to fight against
Rommel's men and it also surprised Gen. Rommel on the Tanks' mileage,
which is why he lost.

Later on my grandpa, later found out that the tetraethyl lead was used in
the fuel additive and stopped the super mileage and prevented the
petroleum cracking to lighter more powerful methane and methanol from
gasoline was preventing the Pogue carburetor it reduced the Pogue to
regular gas mileage.

Of course, he found a way to removed the additive and with the microfiber
oil filter, he did get about 150 mpg. And I can tell you 200 mpg is not
possible under normal usage, unless of course you were to drive at a speed
below the 55 mph hour.

At the time gasoline prices were cheap so no one had an interest in the
Pogue carburetor anyway. Besides you can't manufacture them since the
license owner of Pogue carburetor belongs to Standard Oil.


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Jim Warman
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Re: Oil industry suppressed plans for 200-mpg car

The "Otto-cycle" engine is, basically, a heat engine.... That means that
there is no explosion in the cylinder or any magic, for that matter...

The ideal (stoichiometric) ratio for gasoline fueled engines is roughly 14.7
to 1 by weight. Now... the reason for this is for nothing more than
combustion efficiency. If the mixture is much richer, there is not enough
oxygen available to react the gasoline delivered...... similarly, if the
mixture is too lean, flame propogation slows down and, since there is too
much space between fuel molecules, there is a very good chance that there
will be unreacted fuel after the combustion event. Anyway... back to the

Asthe fuel and oxygen react in the combustion chamber, the other 70 some-odd
percent of the air is being rapidly heated and expands quickly.... driving
the piston down in the cylinder. It is the amount of heat released during
the combustion process that is the key to the operation of thees engines.
There is a finite amount of heat energy contained in one pound of gasoline.
Interesting to note that your article states that methane and alcohol are
"more powerful".... methane is just plain explosive and alcohol as (IIRC)
roughly half the BTU content of gasoline..... meaning we are going to
consume nearly twice as much alcohol as gasoline just to do the same work.
We'll leave out the fact that that methanol is corrosive... just ask any
alcohol racer that hasn't flushed his fuel system and changed his engine oil
after a race.

FWIW... diesel has a higher BTU content but it is unsuitable for spark
ignition engines.... It doesn't atomize well at the low pressure drops found
in carburettors and can create a lot of grief due to sooting and carbon
deposits. If we look closely, diesel engines do not use a throttle plate
(except for a very few EGR equipped diesels where an electronically
controlled throttle plate was installed to assist EGR operation). Taking
that a step further, we start to realize that a diesel cannot have either a
rich or lean mixture (and we wont get into "overfuelling" at this time).

If your Grandpa was as smart as you figure, he would have known that
tetraethyl lead had been added to gasoline as an octane improver (with the
added benefit of lubricating valve surfaces) since Gawd knows when.

FWIW, tales of the Pogue carburettor surface from time to time.... usually
presented as someone close to the writer to give an air of familiarity with
the device. Less common are tales of exotic looking engines (still working
on the Otto premise of "suck/squeeze/bang/blow) utilizing less efficient
scotch yokes and/or other devices to turn reciprocating motion into
rotational motion.

For now, we will remain being slaves to the Ottocycle engine and the heat
content of available fuels....

For inciteful.... you get a D-..... for grammar and spelling, a B+..... for
originality you get a "get lost you plagiarist bastuhd...".

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