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66 focks up fuel injection cleaner

bottledance_spammit_@comcast.net> wrote:

>"AW" <m@mm.mmm> wrote
>> $50 for a fuel filter?! Ford must be crazy! ;-)

>The crazy ones are those willing to pay it.
>> Where would you all recommend that I take it to have this seemingly simple
>> service done?

>If it's so simple then why not do it yourself?
>> Next question, all they are going to do is jack the induction cleaning kit
>> into my intake, and then hose down my throttle plate right?

>No, they usually run a can a injector cleaner in the tank, then hook into
>the vacuum system and run a cleaner into the intake which is sucked in by
>vacuum. It looks like this...
>This cleans the throttle body, throttle plate, valves, combustion chamber,
>intake runners, the upper ring-belt area of all the piston chambers,
>basically the whole top end of your system. I'd run a can of BG Fuel
>Injection System Cleaner then run BG44K.
>BG recently ran a '93 Mazda MX-6 to 310,000 miles with virtually zero wear
>on the internals (ALL the internals) due to using their products. Here's the

ummmm no
that bottle hoohs to you fuel rail you RETARD
no vacume needed
get some certific ation
ya just ****ed up


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66 6F HCS
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Re: Hurc focks up fuel injection cleaner

<fordsy34@hotmail.com> wrote
> ummmm no
> that bottle hoohs to you fuel rail you RETARD
> no vacume needed
> lmfao
> get some certific ation
> ya just ****ed up

Ummmm no
Depending on the system, and the one I'm talking about specifically,
manifold vacuum draws the cleaner into the manifold you RETARD

There is another system by BG called "The Squid" which hooks up differently.
This is NOT the system I mentioned.

The rate the cleaner is allowed in is regulated by a valve on the bottles
hose AND the engine needs to be running at enough RPM's to maintain the
correct amount of vacuum. Vacuum IS needed since this system is hooked
directly into the vacuum lines behind the TB and would end up being a
gravity feed system without it. Otherwise it would end up just dripping into
the backside of the TB doing absolutely no good. I'm good friends with a
certified mechanic who owns his own repair shop, and owns the equipment I'm
talking about, and does this treatment multiple times a day. I know how it
works as I've used it on both carb and EFI systems.
get a cl ue
ya just ****ed up.
Scott W.
'66 HCS Mustang 289
'68 Ranchero 500 302
'69 Mustang Sportsroof 351W
ThunderSnake #57

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Jim Warman
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Re: 66 focks up fuel injection cleaner

Like 66 said... there are many cleaners (SeaFoam included) that are designed
to be ingested through the air tract of the intake manifold, much like "top
end" treatments of days gone by.......

With modern gasoline's, the need for the old "injector cleaner" hooked up
to the fuel rail are long gone. Olefins are nowhere near the problem that
they were in the mid to late '80s. (For the uninitiated... early EFI systems
were plagued with waxy build up on injector pintles caused when a hot soak
flashed the high ends of the gasoline into vapour, leaving behind olefin wax
that could slow the reaction of the pintles. Injector flushing chemicals
were introduced into the fuel rail to clean these deposits and worked well
until refineries finally addressed the concern).

If the boy with the chameleon name is still peddling this service to his
customers, I pity them. As ever, he will not address this (or 66s) reply
with anything other than something totally unrelated..... probably dictated
by the "voices" or his innate need to remain being the NGs toilet.

hurc... some time ago you blatantly lied and mentioned you'd seen my
records. What city was I in earlier today, what course did I take, who was
my instructor and tell us what stood out in your mind as being the major
thrust of the course (no, not the name of the course.... the major thrust of
the course content...). While your at it, tell me what hotel I stayed in, my
room number and my check in time.... Of course you can't..... look up the
word "buffoon" - if you haven't eaten that page from the dictionary you were
given in grade school.

Similarly, you keep referring to a particular dealer in Calgary.... I don't
think you work there..... perhaps at the lube shop to the north... but not
at the dealer...

IF, perchance, you do work for a dealer, your continued meanderings about
fleecing customers shows your level of integrity. The flat rate system is
open to manipulation by charlatans and thieves..... one of the victims is
the consumer..... the other victim is the dealer and the rest of his/her

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