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Wound Up
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CJ's original Thunder Snake post

Here is the complete text of CJ's original Thunder Snake post, for your
collective amusement.

I re-read it, and had to post it again. Those who know him must agree
that few have a flair with the written word like he does.


"In the 50's it was the Jets. In the 60's it was the Pharoahs
(pronounced Phay-rows) followed by the Finks. In the 70's it was, uh,
well who cares.
The 90's saw a return of Bomber-jacketed rodders who could shoot
primer over rust and drop a flattie in for the Ultimate Kool. Far out,
But there's one thing none of these gangs, I mean *social clubs*,
ever had. And that was the Big Block Attitude. The penchant for large
displacement adrenaline doses and the fundamental belief that everyone
else and their wimp-ass rides amount to so much dog shit.
Enter the Thunder Snakes.
As society slips into a befuddled haze rife with rules designed to
eliminate individualism and squash freedom like a yelping chihuahua,
there remains ingrained in a select group of gearheads the desire to
tell the status quo to stick it where the sun don't shine. That's us.
And so the next phase comes upon us: time to expand the ranks. As
most of you know, the Ultimate Goal of the Snakes is to achieve the
recognition of the Big Block Attitude by an automotive community
increasingly preoccupied with heaping droll, emotionless, technocrap
onto miniscule engines that in former years would suffice only as
sewing machines. Until then, we must concentrate on the accumulation of
knowledge and resources into one common cauldron of Blue Oval Brew. To
achieve that, it takes the efforts of the many.
The following are the requirements for application to the Thunder
1) Ownership of a FoMoCo passenger vehicle that is presently or soon
to be sporting an FE, 385, Cleveland, or MEL engine under the hood.
Although this is important, consideration will be given to those
lacking said vehicle at the moment who have participated semi-regularly
in the past months and who have an above-average interest in AHPBBFM's
topics and future. Sleeping with a Big Block valve cover on your night
stand scores bonus points.
2) Adherence to the general gist of the posting FAQ for this group,
violating it only when something really juicy comes up. Also, the
welcoming of new "faces" in the group and encouraging posting of car
specs or stories or whatever.
3) Display of your Thunder Snake number in your sig whilst posting
in this group to show solidarity with the other serpents. Optional in
others groups, it still helps to attract attention from those with
common interest. It's your call.
4) Helping with the above knowledge pool by way of contribution.
This may be scanning dusty old articles, taking pics of relevant cars
at a show or race (or your own car), writing stuff for the site,
technical help with the site, parts ID'ing, etc. There will at some
point on the site be an actual page with things needed that you can
peruse. Your help need not be immediate; just as your time permits.
5) Learning the proper look of disdain when some unworthy vehicle
pulls up next to you at the light. If you are armed, then an Arrogant
Bastard-like scowl may be substituted. Related to this, you must be
able to keep a straight face while confounding your friends and fellow
employees when babbling phrases like "area under the curve", "eight
venturi induction" and the ever-popular "Tork rulez, dood!".
6) Recognition that the terms "Politically Correct" and "Big Block
Musclecar" are mutually exclusive terms, and that anybody that gives
you grief about it gets whacked upside their skulls with a rusty
camshaft, the official weapon of the Thunder Snakes.
7) Lastly, and most importantly, you gotta be able to put up with my
tangent-infused, sarcasm-drenched, ego-driven, post-senile phlegm
expulsions that laughingly pass as my contributions here. It's a price
you gotta pay. Otherwise, I hear that alt.thin-skinned.pussies are
looking for a few good, uh, men.
So, if this sounds like you, this is what you do. First, locate the
post that says "Thunder Snakes Sign-Up Here". Reply to that saying you
want to join. If you have any questions feel free to ask. THEN, do
Email me at ... Provide the
following info:
First and Last Name
AHPBBFM nickname if different
City and State (Country if not a Yank)
BB cars and/or engines you have (be detailed if possible)
Honest reason why you should be admitted. Don't be shy. Smart-ass
attitude scores extra points.
BE SURE to email me from your "preferred" email address if you have
more than one, since that is what will go on file. This will be
available to other Snakes who may want to hatch diabolical diatribe
with you off Usenet. The other info stays with me.
As the founder of the Snakes and creator of AHPBBFM, I reserve the
right to bounce apps into the stratosphere from people of proven
dubious intent. You know who you are, so don't even bother.
I'll be cutting back my participation here except for dealing with
this topic so I can fiddle with the site. The membership sign-up will
run to April 30. Successful applicants will be notified of their new
numbers by email, and an updated list will be posted after the 30th.
Existing Thunder Snakes who have not provided me with your City and
State or new email addresses please do so at the same address.
P.S. I almost forgot. For those that don't know, the Thunder Snakes
takes its name from the 427 '64 Fairlane Thunderbolt and the Ford Cobra
insignia. I look forward to adding more venom to the group.
Thunder Snake #1"

Cool, ain't it... a little walk down memory lane. Or should I say a
tear down memory strip.

Wound Up
ThunderSnake #65

AHPBBFM posting rules: http://tinyurl.com/ak694
AHPBBFM links page: http://tinyurl.com/a9qsx

Big Block is an Attitude

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