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David Stillwell
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Phillies Michael Stiles__CIA Dope Dealer

[This is another article in a continuing series about the CIA in Major
League Baseball.]

Michael Stiles, Phillies vice president, operations and administration, and
a former U.S. Attorney is a CIA dope dealer among other things. It may be
that the "other things" are what is most interesting and dangerous about
Stiles, but the most criminal evidence against him so far challenged
concerns a case centered in Philadelphia where the Phillies' Michael
Stiles -as a then U.S. Attorney- helped destroy the careers of four members
of the Pennsylvania Bureau of Narcotics Investigations and Drug Control
(BNI) who attempted to close down a Dominican dope dealing network operating
in Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York and Boston.

The Cocaine and heroin dealing Dominicans were not just some street gang
which had grown too large either, they were connected directly to the
largest political opposition party in the Dominican Republic, the
Revolutionary Dominican Party (PRD). That is what got the BNI agents in
trouble; the CIA knew about the PRD dope dealing here in America and did not
want the dealing to stop. The BNI agents foolishly thought that they would
get assistance from the CIA in closing down the operation (I guess the BNI
boys thought all the literature about the CIA importing dope into America
was the work of "conspiracy theorists") and the BNI agents actually
contacted the CIA through a former CIA and State Department officer (little
separating the CIA from the State Department) who the BNI had hired as an
"intelligence analyst".

Before long the BNI had direct contact with Larry Leightley of the CIA.
Leightley informed the BNI that the Agency and the State Department were
supporting the PRD's candidate Pena Gomez in the then upcoming election.
This is who the dope was being dealt for, dealt here on the streets of the
USA, in Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City and Boston.

The CIA does not blink at such activity.

"Meanwhile, BNI officers continued working the streets, taking nearly
$130,000 worth of heroin from a house on the 1200 block of Luzerne
Street on March 4. Two weeks later, a confidential informant delivered
a list of local party members to the BNI.

One week after the squad was given those names, the CIA paid a visit to
Essington Ave."

Now the BNI agents got to meet CIA agent David Lawrence. This CIA agent was
not there to help, he was there to clean up an untidy mess created by CIA
agent Larry Leightley who had provided the BNI with too much confirmation of
what the CIA knew about Pena Gomez and his dope dealing PRD in America.

David Lawrence wanted the memo from Leightley returned plus he wanted full
backgrounds on all the BNI informants who had penetrated the PRD operation.
The BNI finally got smart and figured out that the CIA was planning a full
clean up operation which would involve the termination of the BNI

The BNI refused to cooperate any further with the CIA.

"But at the last minute, plans changed and DEA told McLaughlin (BNI),
whose agents did not have jurisdiction in New York, that Pena Gomez
was to be allowed to leave the country with the money.

That was only the beginning of the bad news.

Two weeks later, U.S. Attorney Michael Stiles met with state Attorney
General Tom Corbett.

The U.S. Attorney's Office would no longer take BNI cases investigated by
(BNI agents) Sparky McLaughlin, Charlie Micewski and Dennis McKeefery.

The District Attorney's Office quickly followed suit."

This is where the Phillies' Michael Stiles -then U.S. Attorney- enters the
picture to plunge the CIA knife into the backs of the BNI agents. They would
never recover.

Michael Stiles did not stop there. He then informed the Attorney General for
Pennsylvania that the FBI would have a "problem" continuing to work in the
Essington Ave building where both the BNI and FBI had offices. This was a
subtle hint that the loyal to their jobs BNI agents who were disobedient to
the CIA had to go, and go they did.

All the fascinating gory details are available on the Web at the City Paper
(Philadelphia publication) Web site. It is the stuff which makes for great
films like "Serpico" and "Prince of the City", only those films did not
involve the CIA.

You see the difference?

That's why you do not see any film about Michael Stiles and CIA dope dealing
in Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York City, and Boston. The involvement of
the CIA is why there are no reports of this story on "60 Minutes" or

Funny how the "liberal media" becomes very conservative when the CIA is
caught dealing dope. Go ahead and search for stories about this in the New
York Times and every other big newspaper. You will find nothing.

The CIA is involved.

"Three Days of the Condor".

You have the answer to the question posed to Robert Redford.

"Will they print it?"

If only it ended there, but Michael Stiles has been involved in "other
things". Michael Stiles -CIA dope dealer, employee of the Philadelphia
Phillies baseball team- also covered up the murders at Ruby Ridge. Michael
Stiles was in charge of the "investigation" into what went down and in
handing out disciplinary action against the FBI.

Everybody walked.

Some even received cash bonuses for their murderous efforts at Ruby Ridge,
including mastermind Larry Potts (who was also connected to the crooked
agents in Boston who helped mobster Whitey Bulger take over the city while
murdering perhaps 16 people).

Michael Stiles was a high level facilitator in the Justice Department, a
go-between for the CIA to strike out at people in the US whom they have no
legal authority over. Stiles was also essentially the legal counsel for a
cabal of murderous FBI cowboys (and girls) who were turned into untouchables
with a license to kill.

So what's a nice boy like Michael Stiles doing working for the Phillies
baseball team?

Don't hold your breath waiting for Peter Gammons to tell you! Don't even
hold your breath waiting for the New York Times or "60 Minutes" to uncover
the truth either. Don't even look for Oliver Stone to inquire; he turned out
to be a fraud.

No, the CIA is involved here so don't expect any "news" outlet in America to
inquire into Michael Stiles. That's "Company" business.

And anyone else who dares to ask questions or start dispensing facts, well
you know what they are: "conspiracy theorists"!

Just ask the four unemployed BNI agents.

"The Dominican Connection"

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