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4x4 Me
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Stupid public


Working at a Garage, in a VERY backstreet, with 2 x 1950's mechanical petrol
pumps, and 1 1970's diesel pump, and a TOTAL capacity of about 15000 litres
of fuel, we where innundated today, people who normally buy 5 every 2 weeks
bought 40... We won't see them now for over a month.

Being backstreet, we really don't get fuel at a good price, so are a tad
expensive, roughly 5p per litre over the bigger places , we have 2 tanks at
4500 litres each for Petrol, and 1 tank at 4500 litres Diesel, and 2b honest
we lose about 120 per week on fuel, but provide it as a service to the
locals who use us for thier servicing and repairs, and we even wander out
and fill thier cars for them, so fully attended.

We used almost a weeks fuel today, and had to turn down regulars that
support us EVERY day, and always service thier cars/vans with us, because
idiots wanted too much fuel.

Even old grannies... One old dear buys 5 PER MONTH, she lives at the end of
my road, so I know her well, but she filled up along with every one else.

We have a delivery tommorrow, it's been promised, but may be next day, but
it's being kept for our regular customers, anyone else gets 5.


Our supplier has MILLIONS of litres of fuel, and they are a haulier NOT a
refinery, so STOP GOING MAD ON FUEL, there is plenty, and there is NO need
to panic.

If you live in Desborough and normally buy your petrol outside Desborough,
not being funny, but if we don't know you, you can fack off.

Our normally reliable old Petrol pump got so overheated today it kept
siezing up, and we had to pick it to bits and put it back together again.

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Re: Stupid public

"4x4 Me" <> wrote in message


I've been wondering this for a while. I fully support your views and It
wouldn't be the first time this approach to fuel sales have been taken.

Sadly for me it would mean going to a Petrol Station in the 101 as no one
else would recognise me or any of the other vehicles... and putting 5 in
the 101 would just about cover the trip there and back. :0)

I'm actually in a silly position that since before my tour of Europe in
July/August I filled the Rangie with diesel and leftit with Ma and Pa as
they were Baby sitting our dog. They didn't use the car, it's still got the
same tank of fuel in and It goes (hopefully if the friggin DVLA get there
act together!) as a trade in next week. ICBA to start syphoning fuel out and
it's little use anyway as I don't have another diesel motor. More to the
frustration the New motor will no doubt be dry. But hey thats life!!!!

Then again ... I do have a diesel motor come to think of it... but I don't
think the Gaffer would be too impressed with a 1954 Fergie parked in the
back yard :0)

My concern is that if fuel protests do go ahead, if we do get panic buying
of everything else and it does continue for any length of time we could well
end up seeing the breakdown of civisation in the UK... though fortunately in
our case we don't have quite so many guns dotted around. There is a very
very fine line between Civilisation and every man for himself.

During the last fuel protest I was given a voucher for fuel (still had to
pay mind!) as I'm a member of the Emergency services. Never used it as it
was a storm in a tea cup. I am fortuante though that I don't have to comute
very far and if push come to shove is a real emergency could walk the 5
miles. My Dad has a petrol voucher from the war which he is keeping safe
incase ;-)

Lee D

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