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Bertone Jet, A concept car developed from the Aston Martin Vanquish

Bertone has issued the following press release:

A "custom-built" vehicle in a "made-to-measure" suit by a great tailor based on a production vehicle of great prestige. This, very briefly, is the Bertone Jet 2 (the name is a tribute to the Aston Martin Jet created by Nuccio Bertone in 1961, based on the Aston Martin DB4 GT as a one-off).

A Concept car developed from the Aston Martin Vanquish, the Bertone Jet 2 has the same mechanical lay out, the floorpan structure (the wheel base has been lengthened by 210 mm. to allow two rear seats to be added to the original version) and all the BIW elements "under the skin" to limit investments and not alter the elements which are subject to homologation.

Bertone Jet 2 expresses the concept of a modern "custom-built" car. In other words a vehicle which, on the basis of a non-perceptible "carry over" nucleus, is characterized by a completely new body. In this sense the Bertone Jet 2 re-proposes, in modern terms, a product linked to the traditional history of Italian coachbuilders which dressed the most enchanting engines of the time in "haute couture".

Bertone's objective is to develop a specific product, of strong personality, with contained investments for the manufacturer, and therefore with a high added value.

"We always have to explore the limits of the brand -explained Dr. Ulrich Bez, CEO of Aston Martin- and this Bertone Jet 2 is a very interesting concept. There are a number of ideas we could perhaps consider in the future. That's why Aston Martin supported this."

"The choice of the Aston Martin brand really responds to two motivations -said Mrs. Lilli Bertone, Chairman of Bertone Group- The first is linked to history: Since 1953 Aston Martins have always stimulated and inspired Bertone's creativity, which has created one-off vehicles of particular design merit and expressive strength. The second motivation derives from an emotive factor: an exercise in design and engineering is much more stimulating (and demanding) if a sports "pedigree" such as the Aston Martin Vanquish is in the leading role."

2. The concept.
In recent years, the public has determined a marked division of the market in niche products. This diversification in demand entails massive economic investments for the manufacturers.
The Bertone Jet 2 is an example of how Bertone could help the manufacturers to diversify their own range by preparing "custom-built" vehicles, exactly as they did in the fifties and sixties, with all the quality and safety standards of a modern automobile manufacturer.
The proposal expressed by the Bertone Jet 2 has been made sustainable from the manufacturer's point of view, thanks to a maximum synergy with the components of the original model. From the engineering point of view, Bertone has respected all the structural limits of the original vehicle, the modification of which would have entailed high levels of investment (which would not have allowed to contain the price difference of the custom-built vehicle).
At the same time, the finished vehicle is characterized by a specific identity which is so strong that it can be presented as a new model. To the hypothetical final customer, the decision to work with limited investments could translate into a reasonable price increase, to justify the possession of an exclusive object, a vehicle for a few refined connoisseurs.

3. The design.

The point of departure for the styling definition was the search of a Bertone identity with respect to the classic Aston Martin features.
The car body, originating from sinuous lines and tight "geometrical" features, is a synthesis of the two brand identities.
The flowing shape follows a forward leaning belt line which rises towards the tail; a graphical treatment which enhances the physical power of the Bertone Jet 2 through flowing and natural phrasing. The idea of movement is resumed by a large transparent roof, which emphasizes the dynamism and the impetus of the vehicle.
In the front part the classic Aston Martin grille remains, with additional air ducts to cool the disc brakes.
The flush cover headlights propose an evolved graphic with respect to the original model.
The rear view focuses on the vertical tailgate, the outline of which repeats the shape of the Aston Martin grille.

4. The interior.

The Bertone Jet 2 presents the classic interior configuration of the 2+2 coupé, made possible by a sizeable increase in the wheelbase with respect to the original model.
The real flexibility of use of the "grand tourer" is expressed also by means of fitting solutions such as the two rear seats, which fold and store away in the floor, to make way for an exceptional loading space for a vehicle of this category.
The finishing in matt pear-wood, satinized aluminium trim with upholstery in leather, embossed using an innovative procedure, are a tribute to the luxurious Italian motorboats of the fifties and sixties, but also an ironical wink to the hypothetical customer of this kind of vehicle, who is used to surround himself with precious materials.

5. The tradition: all Bertone's Aston Martins.
The collaboration between Bertone and Aston Martin begins in 1953, the year of the birth of two models (which remained one-off) which were based on the Aston Martin DB2/4: a competition-type "barchetta" and an elegant 2+2 cabrio.

The DB2/4 Barchetta highlights some features which, over the years, are to become Bertone "classics": the windscreen low and thin, the eyecatching air ducts of the engine hood, the wide grille, the rear fenders enveloping and sleek to give impetus to the rear volume.

The DB2/4 Cabrio presents a formal and very sober elaboration. The front is entirely structured around the large chromed Aston Martin grille, which incorporates two supplementary spotlights. The front hood, as in the Barchetta, is livened up by a long air duct. The side view shows a smooth, modest body side, defined by a long front hood and by a gathered and muscular tail, tapering downwards.

In 1955 it is still the mechanics of the DB2/4 which inspire Bertone to a 2-seater maximum roadster of great formal elegance. The treatment of the volumes has become softer and more flowing. The air duct on the front hood has disappeared in favour of a higher and conspicuous grille. The rear volume is marked by the "fins" which rise above the fenders. Surprisingly, a panoramic windscreen is added, to a bodywork of such classical lines, in homage to the fashion of that time.

In 1961 a 2+2 coupé is born which even today is considered one of the most successful creations of Bertone: the DB4 GT (made as a one-off model, this vehicle won the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa Este in 2001) was presented with the name Jet at the Geneva Motor Show 1961.

With the Aston Martin Jet the theme of GT theme is developed according to design norms that, at that time, give rise to amazement and admiration.

The vehicle presents a sinuous and very flowing side, linked to the tail volume by a tense "muscle" above the rear wheel arch. The roof short and thin, resting with delicacy on the rear pillar, defines a cosy and bright interior like the cockpit of an aeroplane. For many years, the Aston Martin Jet was a design paradigm of the Italian sports coupé.

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Re: Bertone Jet, A concept car developed from the Aston Martin Vanquish

dont have time to read it but going by the pics i reckon it looks pretty good. id have one.

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Re: Bertone Jet, A concept car developed from the Aston Martin Vanquish

Looks pretty wild but not exactly speed bump friendly. Still, I guess taking the long way home to avoid the speed bumps wouldnt be such a chore!

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Re: Bertone Jet, A concept car developed from the Aston Martin Vanquish

Bertone Aston Martin Jet 2
The Ultimate Country Squire: New Shooting Brake Is The Granddaddy Of Wagons
All photos by Massimo Parrini

BASE PRICE: $300,000 (est.)
POWERTRAIN: 6.0-liter, 460-hp, 400-lb-ft V12; rwd, six-speed sequential manual
CURB WEIGHT: 4080 pounds
0 to 60 MPH: 5.0 seconds (est.)

No, this isn’t the first time there has been a powerful Aston Martin shooting brake, but it is the first shooting brake made in Italy and based on the V12 Vanquish. Given the generally clumsy look of most modified luxury shooting brakes, this Turin-Gaydon alliance couldn’t help but be an improvement. (Swiss importer Roos Engineering has created a few, including a Series 3 Lagonda treatment from 1987 that defines horrible.)

The Jet 2 looks dramatically better in natural light and in motion than it did sitting still under the harsh fluorescent lights of the Geneva show.

As previous shooting brakes based on Astons have cost something just short of space-shuttle money to build, Bertone and its exterior design director, Giuliano Biasio, challenged themselves to create a lower-priced variety. A major part of the proposal was to make bespoke coachwork like this an easier reality by not messing with the crash-test points of the two-door Vanquish. This lessens the cost significantly for the builder and, in theory, for the buyer.

Jet 2 came about in the Stile Bertone offices in Capri, Italy, last year. "The Birusa [based on a BMW Z8 chassis] was stylistically much more of a pure Bertone show car," says Biasio. "Jet 2 is, in this sense, a more practical proposal that could readily be built in a limited run."

When we first saw the Jet 2 in Geneva, we thought the back end was a bit overdone, too self-consciously echoing the front end and dash. The entire outer shell has been modified, only the windscreen and the side glass taken straight from the Vanquish. Though the new skin is all fiberglass, a production version would be all aluminum. Biasio tells us, "Putting the Bertone edge into the traditionally curvaceous Aston styling language for a good British-Italian result was the chief challenge."

The fiberglass exterior has been modified from the prototype; production cars would be done in aluminum.

In-house at Bertone, the balance struck is called "stile tecnicismo" or techno styling. When they showed an early version of it to BMW last summer, both BMW design chief Chris Bangle and Aston Martin designer Henrik Fisker loved it.

On the road that big-statement back end looks perfectly at home. The skylight roof (made of Plexiglas; in production it would be thermal glass) is a brilliant idea when done well, and Bertone does them well. As Jet 2 is still a prototype study, neither the hood nor tailgate can be lifted open, but both would be pushbutton easy and provide ample access.

The interior by David Wilkie is a remarkable creation. The gorgeous wood is form-bent pear, and together with the satin-finish aluminum touches, it hearkens back to the days on Lake Como in a Riva speedboat. Front seats, luxuriously reskinned to go with the chrome-sage exterior color, and the center fascia are pulled from the DB9, while the rest of the dash is pure Vanquish, with a specially modified dial cluster. The +2 seats in back, made possible by the added wheelbase, flip up from a folded position that sets their pear-wood backings flush with the rest of the wood-panel cargo area.

Inside is gorgeous pear wood and satin aluminum, with a dash that is pure Vanquish.

So, turn the key and press start. There’s that sound that launched 1000 ships. This 6.0-liter V12 through this exhaust might be our favorite modern 12-cylinder experience. We’ve driven it enough times now, sometimes directly after a Volkswagen W12 or Ferrari V12, and we feel like we can cozy right up to this beast. Apart from the less-than-impressive shift timings in normal mode from the six-speed sequential shifter using paddles on the steering wheel (sport mode solves that problem), the entire drive package is terrific. Seeing as the Lotus-created carbon fiber underpinnings and 19-inch wheels/tires are Vanquish equipment, this doesn’t surprise us.

The Vanquish pedal orientation naturally urges one to left-foot brake. As we rocketed along in the Jet 2 through the beautiful Susa Valley west of Turin, in such a high-performance state of mind, this felt like a total car that could and should be built for those who want a traditional, yet sensually styled shooting brake.

The Jet 2 as you see it here is a one-off, as are all such prototypes, said to be valued at $1.8 million. As a production model, the goal would be a price 30 percent higher than the standard two-door, or roughly $300,000.

A pittance.


It was a young Giorgio Giugiaro, then at Bertone, who created the original Jet concept based on a DB4 GT in 1961. The aero coupe was shown at the Geneva and Turin salons of that year, but sadly it was never produced. This study, which sits on the final 76th DB4 GT chassis, has been fully restored, and has gone on to win several awards at worldwide concours.


1965 DB5

There were 12 DB5 shooting brakes made—a prototype by Tickford in Newport Pagnell after the coachbuilder was bought by Aston Martin, and 11 more by Harold Radford’s facility in Hammersmith, London. It is perhaps the best-looking of all previous Aston shooting brakes.

1967 DB6

Eight of these DB6s were made—two by FLM Panelcraft and six by Radford. One of the FLM Panelcraft shooters was used by F1 driver Innes Ireland as a demonstrator model on a daily basis, which had to be fun for the passengers.

1972 DBS

Only one DBS made, for a Scottish client by FLM Panelcraft. Yuck.


Again, thankfully only one Lagonda was ever built, by importer Beat Roos’ firm in Switzerland.


The Virage was the first shooting brake created mostly in-house at Aston Martin Lagonda Works Service; it marks a low point in company history.


One made. Thank goodness.


This Virage was the first purely Aston Martin Lagonda Works Service shooter. It is not bad-looking.


Though unattractive, the V8 Vantage shooting brake, again by Roos Engineering, is better than the earlier Lagonda attempt. The car also has an engine modified to 612 hp, making it technically the world’s fastest ugly thing.

My first car was a 67 Mustang Coupe, 2nd one was a 67 Cougar XR-7, 3rd one was a 66 Mustang Coupe. Why did I get rid of these cars for ? I know why, because I'm stupid, stupid, stupid.

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Re: Bertone Jet, A concept car developed from the Aston Martin Vanquish

Looks good up to the B Pillar.

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Re: Bertone Jet, A concept car developed from the Aston Martin Vanquish

The front of this is what the vanquish SHOULD Look like. Back is a frigin disgrace tho.
As smciner1 said- good until the B pillar (thats starting at the FRONT)
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