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Mr. Embargo
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Falcon Dedicated LPG Did You Know ?

At a cost of only $798, motorists can recoup their initial investment within a year of average motoring, or 15,000 to 20,000km. Previously, the payback was more than double that. After the first year of driving, you should save more than $20 every time you fill up.

Falcon dedicated LPG vehicles have a similar driving range to their petrol-powered cousins.

According to a US Department of Energy fuel study1, LPG has almost 20% less global warming potential over its full lifecycle than petrol when all greenhouse gas emissions are considered during the production and use of both fuels.

Falcon dedicated LPG vehicles help reduce greenhouse gases by emitting 10% less carbon dioxide from the tail pipe.

An LPG Falcon will emit one tonne less carbon dioxide than a petrol-powered car driven the same distance (Ford estimate).

Thanks to a sealed fuel system and the absence of a petrol tank, Falcon dedicated LPG vehicles produce no evaporative hydrocarbon emissions.

According to a study by con******ts, Parsons Australia2, using LPG reduces emissions of potentially harmful air toxics by 80%, compared to petrol.

LPG is readily available in most rural and regional centres and is even available in outback places like Kings Canyon (NT), Marble Bar (WA), Cooper Pedy (SA), Wilcannia (NSW), and Longreach (Qld).

It's possible to travel around Australia solely on LPG.

1 Alternatives to Traditional Transportation Fuels 1994, Volume 2, Greenhouse Gas Emissions.
2 Liquified Petroleum Gas as an alternative fuel – An environmental and technical perspective, August 1998. By Parsons Australia Pty Ltd for ALPGA.

Hong Kong has recognised the air quality benefits of LPG. In a bid to address their air pollution problem, all 18,000 taxis in their fleet will be required to run on dedicated LPG fuel by 2005. Ford Australia now exports LPG Falcons to Hong Kong.

Over one third of Australia's service stations sell LPG, with more than 3,500 outlets around Australia.

The gas tank of Falcon dedicated LPG vehicles is mounted outside the car. This gives plenty of room for luggage and preserves the convenience of the split-fold rear seat back.

Internationally, Ford sells the widest variety of alternate-fuel vehicles, including LPG, natural gas, ethanol and electricity.

The dedicated LPG system is installed on the Ford production line – with all of Ford's controls and safety checks.

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Mr. Embargo
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The BA Falcon’s new dedicated LPG engine is more powerful, more refined and more efficient than its predecessor.
The new engine, dubbed E-Gas, pumps out 156kW of power at 4750rpm and 372Nm of torque at 3000rpm.

"The E-Gas engine is further proof of Ford's commitment to protecting Australia's environmental quality, while still offering ample reserves of power that our customer demands from a family car.

"While other companies are talking about fuel savings, Ford Australia continues to produce the products that provide real cost benefits for consumers and protect our precious environment," Polites said.

"The E-Gas engine joins the Barra range of high technology six cylinder engines that have been certified to meet the stringent Euro II emission tests."

Ford’s dedicated LPG engine, introduced in 2000, has been extremely successful, helping to win major fleet orders from operators looking to save costs and reduce greenhouse gases.

The new E-Gas engine picks up all of the benefits of the new BA petrol engine, with double overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder, dual variable camshaft timing and coil-on-plug ignition.

The new petrol engine has provided a strong base for the development of the E-Gas option.

The VCT system in particular has allowed engineers to take advantage of the higher octane rating of LPG and increase the E-Gas engine’s compression ratio to 10.7:1. The higher compression ratio helps to deliver more power and increased efficiency.

A new induction system has been developed to work with the advanced Electronic Throttle Control while a new balance hose and new ductwork and piping improve under-bonnet layout and reliability.

The dedicated LPG Falcon dispenses with all petrol system components including fuel tank and pipes, reducing complexity while saving weight and cost.

The instrument panel features a dedicated LPG fuel gauge as well as a distance to empty read-out calibrated to the LPG tanks.

Fuel tanks offer 93 litres capacity in sedan, 116 litres in wagon and 92 litres in Ute.

The fuel filler area has been redesigned for both dedicated LPG and petrol models by moving the filler nozzle to the centre of the insert and smoothing the edges for greater user-friendliness.

There are also revised spark plugs, a unique Powertrain Control Module, and a new LPG converter and mixer with LPG-only start capability.

The tank in the sedan has been redesigned to fit under the new rear body. In the wagon, the tanks again fill the spare wheel well.

As before, the LPG tank is fitted with a number of safety features such as a high-pressure relief valve and a high flow shut off valve.

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Oxford Green AU
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I actually posted regarding LPG and Petrol Costs earlier today in another thread, also comparing the recoup time with the cost of LPG vs. Petrol
Petition against alternative fuel excise!


Bought Both Fuels today

Petrol (Mobil S2000 Regular Unleaded) 80.5cpl
LPG (Mobil Gas) 29.9cpl

The consumption figures.
LPG 5.53km/L or 18.08L/100km at a cost of 5.4c/km
Petrol 7.11km/L or 14.06L/100km at a cost of 11.3c/km

I used to get much better economy on both fuels, my driving style hasn't changed though? I used to be about the 15 - 16L/100km on gas.

Compare the past while with LPG around the 50 cent mark and Petrol around the 90 mark, using the same economy figures.

LPG costs 9.04c/km
Petrol costs 12.64/km

Therefore it takes many more kilometres before the conversion
cost is recouped.

The figures also slightly favour pertrol as the petrol figure contains less stop start city kilometres.

Time to recoup conversion cost.

Today LPG saved 5.9c/km over Petrol
At a 5.9c/km saving it takes 34915.3km to recoup the $2060 conversion cost.

In the past 6 months or so LPG saves 3.6c/km over Petrol.
At a 3.6c/km saving it takes 57222.2km to recoup the $2060 conversion cost, an extra 22306.9km

However at a cost of $798 for Dedicated Gas compared to the $2060 I paid for a Duel Fuel conversion.

At todays costs, LPG saved 5.9c/km over Petrol, resulting in a payback time of 13525.4km

At the costs of the last 6 or so months (with War and Northern Winter) LPG saved 3.6c/km over petrol, resulting in a payback time of 22166.7km

My father drives an AU2 Dedicated LPG Vehicle and returns pretty much identical economy figures to what I do. However dual fuel conversions feature a 68 litre tank while DLPG vehicles have 92L (Sedan) and 116? (Wagon)

The AU2 has done almost 90 000 thus far and has never missed a beat, other than leaving on a tray truck a couple of days after delivery. Other than that, the car has been perfect.

It is much better than my AU1 Dual Fuel however I think that it just needs to be tuned properly. The conversion was fitted by ford and still to this day doesn't idle well and misses a few beats here and there.

The DLPG I6 produces less kW than the Petrol I6 however the DLPG engine produces more torque.

Dual Fuel 10/98 AU1 Forte
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