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[Ford Flex] Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello everyone, I’m from New Brunswick, Canada, and own the Ford Flex 09’, and I am really out of ideas in my current situation and running low on time, so I figured I’d once again reach out to fellow car-owners online for help. I have bought the Ford Flex 09’ about three years ago, so my warranty is due to expire in a month or so.

In 2009, after testing several vehicles of similar size from different car companies, we decided to purchase the Flex , impressed by its performance and its reasonable price. Looking back, what a terrible decision it was on my part. Roughly three months after the purchase in 2009, I began to notice some problems, which could never be verified by them and greatly concerned me ever since. At first, I thought it was maybe because I was sensitive, but my friends and family members could smell that weird awkward burning-rubber-strange-oil-exhaust smell inside the cabin, sometimes a lot stronger than the another. However, the dealer has never been able to verify it albeit multiple visits. It was almost like, long time ago, like how my brother could never find Wally, even though it was so obvious and clear and in front of his eyes...

Everyone is very friendly and helpful in the dealership except one person who flatly said that everyone can make things up online when I suggested that I’m not the only person with the issue. I must admit that I perhaps could have done a better job of dealing with the problem and be more aggressive, but it’s not easy to do so when I’m a student and at times worked as well, and have other personal issues that I had to deal with. The repeated visits can be very frustrating and distressful, especially with same disappointing outcome. And, I did go there enough times to the point where one of them said they spent a lot of time looking to verify it, giving me the sad impression that he implied they’ve done more than they could and should, even though problem hasn't been fixed.

Also, I have other problems other than the smell. I’ve been to a shop for a few times for other issues, and there seemed to be a sudden drop in power and increase in noise around the same time as the problem with the smell arose. And, there seems to be occasional burning smell from the car itself when I step out of it at a stop as well as this smell of exhaust when I step into the car, and wierd funny burning smell from a heater vent, and as well as with window down or up. It's kinda hard to describe the smell, but it's kind of like exhaust/rubber/burn/oil smell. Kinda like when you taste an awful food your ex-gf made, it's awful, but hard to describe what on earth it is.

And the radio, it sometimes gets quieter on the left side and vice versa, but the other side does not get louder proportionately, which just give you strange sensation. It's like music zooms in and out at times irregularly. And when I told them about it, they said it is tough when they have to deal with things like that on top of the other problems of mine, and there would be no end to the problems, so it would be better to leave it as it is.

And in winter, there becomes this patches of ice forming on the windshield on the inside, and sometimes it just covers 80~90 percent of it. I have been busy this Winter, and was going to get around it later since I thought I might get extended warranty to look at it later, but was told premium care doesn’t cover the problem about a couple days ago, even if I get the premium care

On top of those, there is this sharp noise coming somewhere from my car, and they tried to fix it by replacing the fuel pump, but it came back a few days after they changed it, perhaps even louder.I've been told that fuel pump can make noise, but I haven't seen any other car making that sharp noise that loud and it hasn't when I first bought it.

And, the recirculation mode doesn’t seem to work properly. When I press recirculation button ( or with auto), it lets out air from the mid vents(facing the driver) at 16 degree Celsius, but if I raise it to 19 degree Celsius, it stops and very little comes out if at all. If I go over to 20 degree, no air comes out from the front at all. There is somewhat noticeable airflow below the windshield only, but even if I turn it on at full blast, not a lot comes out as if it's half blocked on top. It doesn't make a difference whether it's with auto or without.

And, I mentioned to the dealer that I sometimes get a headache and light-headed because of the smell, but it didn't change anything and nothing has really been done to fix the problem for last three years. Frankly, the whole experience was like buying a very newly painted house, and you are so excited and pumped up for buying it, but then the paint starts to come off from every corner three months in, but the sellers aren’t willing to help you much at all.

It has been extremely distressing and upsetting dealing with this car for past three years. And the visits to the dealer has always been very stressful complaining about the problem they can never seem to verify, but which I fully believe exists. Nevertheless, this is not to complain about the personals who work at the place. Many of them are super friendly and helpful given the circumstances. However, I feel terribly wronged and placed at the wrong end of justice about the whole ordeal..

And it appears there are lots of people with the same problems, perhaps we could unite and file a group complaint, but I know it's terribly hard when there are so many other things going on in life for everyone, to make a commitment to push it through the legal hurdles, and it feels like it would be impossible to get through to Ford no matter what.

But, I just would like to try something new to fix the problems before the time runs out and I am not the brightest guy in the neighborhood and out of ideas, so hopefully I can be helped out by your inputs and ideas.

Thank you so much in advance

Tk from New Brunswick, Canada

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Re: [Ford Flex] Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello and Welcome. I moved your post to the Ford Freestyle | Ford Flex | Taurus X section. http://www.fordforums.com/f695/
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Re: [Ford Flex] Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey my name is Lennox and I'm in west palm beach florida I purchased my 2013 flex five months ago for Christmas and for the last two months I noticed that same burning smell coming from the vents and some times my air condition turns on full blast and a few minutes later goes back to the setting I place it on. Any ideas on what could be the problem?

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Re: [Ford Flex] Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I'd recommend taking it back to Ford, you may have a module cooking.

Ever notice that there's so many high performance parts available for GM products?

Did you ever think that maybe they NEED them?
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