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bighank 11-25-13 06:46 PM

Loose keyblade on Taurus X IKT remote/key
Loose keyblade on Taurus X IKT remote/key The keyblade (metal) in the plastic remote/transponder key has become loose. It twisted as the steering wheel was torque locked. I to start the car and get home. Opened the cover and used a visegrip to reseat the keyblade to the straight position. The remote/transponder portion was loose at the top end where the blade exits but seems to be glued into the plastic housing. Did not try to pry it out as I didn't want to wreck the key altogether.

Can I pry out the remote/transponder packaged in the plastic that is partially unattached in my key? Can I then successfully reattach or make the keyblade solid with epoxy or other means?

See remote/transponder SHELLS which contain a keyblade but not the remote or transponder chips. If I get one of these how do I successfully transfer the remote/transponder from my existing key?

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