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Re: Oil light - any ideas?

DON <[email protected]> uttered summat worrerz funny about:
> Can anyone give me some hints on an oil problem? I have a 1998 Disco
> 300TDI.
> The symptoms are:
> - Start up (engine cold), no problem
> - after about half hour's drive (engine now reasonably warm) the oil
> light comes on a tickover (c700-750 RPM)
> - a short while later, I cannot get the oil light to come on at all,
> so my friendly local garage (who run a 110 with a 300TDI) think I'm
> going mad. - yesterday, we drove for about half an hour at 70mph and
> when I slowed down, the oil light came on at about 1100RPM
> I've had the car in the garage a couple of times over this, but the
> mechanic says that he can't find anything wrong - the engine sounds
> OK; pressure readings are OK. He thinks it might be the pressure
> switch - does this seem reasonable? It has Shell oil of the correct
> grade and a new filter (first step was an oil change).
> I'm open to suggestions . . .
> Damien

If the pressures are right then replace the switch. For what it costs not
worth doing anything else till that has been swapped.

Lee D

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