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Austin Shackles
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Re: Oil light - any ideas?

On or around Sun, 11 Dec 2005 22:28:48 +0000, Marc Draper
<[email protected]> enlightened us thusly:

>In message <[email protected]>, Austin Shackles
><[email protected]> writes
>>what are the TD5s like to work on for the average bod without testbook and
>>so forth?

>I have got full diagnostics for Td5 and sometimes you still have to
>guess !!!!!
>That said I don't seem to be having to "open" td5 engines as often as I
>do 300 td's.

an earlyish TD5 is another option, in looking for a more-recent disco. When
did they retune the TD5 for more low-end grunt? ISTR the originals being
rather useless off-idle.

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