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Re: Anyone know what performance mods to add to an '01 lightning?!?!
i have a 02 lightning.
iam running a 4lb lower and a 2lb upper and cai.
stock these trucks make 8lb of boost.
iam making 14lb of boost.

the chip or programer you use is you choise .
the vendor is your choise
put i do recommend sct,the other seem to have a problem.

what they due is adjust timing for the boost increase and adjust the a/f ratio,
trans line pressure can be adjusted.

when you increase the boost you will have to drop a heat range in plugs.

when they put the headers on the truck they hurt the performance
because of backpressure.
if you get a mail order tune go with jdm they are behind some of the fastest
lightnings out there and from going to the dyno with my truck and 3 others
they were close.

porting the blower is a great idea and very cost effective.
but changing to a magnum powers case with the internals of your blower
is cheap also.
the little eaton makes to much heat past certain levels of boost
making it ineffective.
porting the blower helps by inproving the air flow and reducing the temps
inside the blower.
also a bigger intercooler will help.
i think jhonny lightning performance makes a good one.
there are all kinds of mods for these trucks.

the 4.6 the 5.4 have a problem with blowing plugs out of the heads on
pre 2003 cars and trucks.make sure your plugs are tight.
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