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Re: U.S.A.:1972 Mercury Comet GT

Originally Posted by administrator
The way the article has been posted is no violation of any copyright as all appropriate mention is in order. We would be more than happy to remove this article with a formal request. Based on statistics for this post the article is no longer read and was in the archive however I would rather not delete good information in case someone is searching for that specific information. I assume that you are representing autoweek with your request?
Actually, I sold AutoWeek first serial rights--that means they can use it once in a serial (periodical) publication--plus certain internet republication rights to AutoWeek. Otherwise, the copyright for any published work extends to seventy years beyond the death of the author before it comes into the public domain. So I'm representing myself.

I don't mean to quibble, but the article still retains value. I've sold second rights to articles written twenty or more years ago. Would this reduce the value of the article? Minimal effect, if any. But I have been recycling my old AutoWeek articles with another website in a way that's to my benefit.

What is allow is what's called "fair use," and that's pulling a quote from a book or article, or with permission of the copyright holder. In this case, I'll allow the use of the article with the notice, "Reprinted with the permission of the author at" with the html link to Find new car reviews and more at

Not to be a grump, but some people take pieces of wood and make chairs that people want to sit in. What I do for a living is take words and put them into an order that people want to read. I don't take his chairs without permission, and he shouldn't take my words.

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