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Cruise control problem in Ed fairmont

Hey guys.. i have been trying to diagnose a problem i have with my cruise control
The issue is.. the cruise light does go on. however does not work when i press set.

So far this is what i have done
I have changed the computer in the center console.. so i'm quite sure that ain't the problem
I can feel the computer click when i turn the cruise on (and so does the dash light come up with "cruise")

Secondly. i have changed the indicator thingy that has the pins another 2 (thats 3 in total). so i'm quite sure that ain't the problem. however i didint clean the contacts or such.. i just chucked them on

thirdly.. i have checked all the vac pipes connections. 1st is the t on right hand side of the booster. 2nd is at the vac diafram left of the booster, 3rd is at the brake switch and 4th is on the module? on the right hand side behind the washer bottle. All the vac pipes seem to be intact. HOWEVER on the module (at least i think that's what it is) there is 2 nipples. one is black and has a vac pipe to it. and the other is a beige yellowish color.. that has nothing connected to it.... no idea if it is meant to?

thirdly... i checked the throttle cable coming from the diafram to the throttle body.. i found it disconnected at the throttle body and jumped up in joy.. as i thought that was the problem. connected it and still no go... however i have no idea if it needs adjusting but i don't think that's the problem tho and if u keep reading (which i hope u do) u will see why

fourthly..i put the car on axle stands to see when i speed the car up to over 60km (i did 100 since it revs so easy without the tires on road) if the diafram was pullin in when i press the "Set" button on the steering wheel.. well it does and goes in about a quarter.. but it doesnt hold there

fifthly.. i disconnected the t piece on the right hand side of the booster... pressed the diafram in with my finger.. and blocked the diconnected pipe (that goes to the diafram with my thumb.. to see if it holds the air... and it did.. so im convinced nothing is wrong with the diafram aswell

NOW my understanding of this is.. the button on the steering wheel is working.. since the diafram pulls in when i press it.,so i dont think its the cable that goes to the throttle body, the diafram hasnt got a hole in it, or the button on the steering wheel or the computer..

what else could this &^%^&%$^@%^@&% be (mind the french)

am i missing something or?

thanx very much for your time in advance


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