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302 rodded 351 or high comp 351?

Hi guys! Im new to the forums and I'd appreciate some opinions about my next move engine wise. I'm saving introductions and going to sound simplistic to save everyone some reading, but I assure you I've done my measurements!

I've got a 71 Fairlane that I just blew an engine in, Was a 351 with hypereutectic flat tops at 0 deck height, open chamber (67cc) heads, torque and economy cam, extractors and carter thermoquad sitting over the top with a non-restrictve gas collar in the air cleaner to save $ on highways. I run a 292 diff and c10 auto as the car is build predominantly as a cruiser, but I love to flick it to petrol and open her up on the odd occasion. I really want to build something with a bit more grunt this time!
This engine build I'm not sure what cam I'm going to use yet, but it will probably be something more in the 1500-4000 RPM range rather than just a torque and economy type. I figure it's all very free flowing as a low RPM engine, so I guess I'm chasing power increases from increasing compression.
I have HEAPS of clevo spares and I'm hearing lots of talk about 302 rodding a 351 to increase torque, so do I-

build a 351 on 302 rods in a standard bore block I have laying around, using flat tops (so it'll be identical to my old engine with the only difference being 302 rods, same rough 9.48:1 comp). Will using different rods make much difference?
build a 351 in a 40 thou over block I have using Keith Black KB149-040 pistons, which have a 1.5mm high dome which matches the head shape, which at the same deck height (zero) as the flat tops increases my comp to 10.73? I know this will be fantastic running LPG as it doesn't mind the extra comp, and realistically this won't be the last engine for this car so I don't mind hanging onto the standard bore block for a later build. Is the 1.5mm high dome big enough to affect flame travel? Will this type of build try to run hotter than usual?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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