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3.8L V6 Life?

I'm a newcomer to this forum with questions about the 3.8 V6. I have read about head gasket issues on these engines but most of the stories I read pertained to installations in FWD vehicles. Asking my mechanic only got me a flat answer, "Get the V8" with claims about buying and selling them after putting new head gaskets in the engines and making profits. Are they really engines to stay away from or is it mostly the FWD vehicles that had the problems? Specifically I'm looking at a 97 Mustang with 100+ on the clock. If the general consensus is to avoid them then I'll take the advise and move on. If I can get some assurances to the contrary I'm willing to bite the bullet. My only experiences with Ford products over the last 45 years is mostly friends ownership and whatever I've read. And if the engines had bad years that changed over time, what is the cutoff point?

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