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hot restart chain rattle

Hi, I have 03 P-71 that developed a timing chain noise!!! oh what a surprise from a 120,000 mile SoFla police car. But wait there's more. The noise started out of the blue about 4 years ago. ( not a daily driver). After researching I installed a Cloyes timing chain kit including adding ARP bolts. It made no difference with the noise but the O2 sensors reading started behaving the same (different story). When it starts cold it runs like a new engine. It's the EAOT restart that the rattle occurs from the passenger side.. The engine needs to set about 10 to 15 minutes and when started it sounds like the chain is about to come off (slight exaggeration). If the engine is restarted prior to the dwell time, no noise at all. If it sits for a couple of hours it restarts no noise. I can not find any oil schematic anywhere for this engine including Ford's own service manual (Helm). During the install of the new parts I though I had found the cause in the drivers side hydraulic tensioner, the was seal split. I figured the oil leaked out and did not work until the engine refilled it with oil. After the new components failed to fix it I took it apart again and went over it again to makes sue all the parts were in the right place. It's had about 6000 miles running this way (@126K). It has not worsened or gotten better with use.
Now I hear tale that there is a restrictor (the word used) in the passenger cylinder head. If it was a check valve to hold oil in the head that would make sense (to me) if it were stuck open. But he did say "resticto"r that is supposed to lower the oil PSI to half in the heads ???? The car has some other issues develop in the last two years that also need addressing. Long story short I loaned to my Dad for the last two years and he doesn't believe in fixing cars or maintaining them.
I really like the car and bought it about 8 years ago and had been trouble free for the first 4. My plan is to restore the vehicle to a little better than new with sensible mods (to all systems) that add a degree of performance but also may add to economy. I just brought it back to SoFla on the Fla, Turnpike and it got 29 MPG.
Any thoughts or suggestions will be much appreciated Thanks.

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