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Re: What could be binding? Camshaft? Nope.

First, unless there's a high spot on the bearings, I wouldn't worry about them too much. The fourth one from the top looks a little strange, but I think that's just the light reflecting off of it. With the crank, I'd hit it with 600 then maybe 1000 grit. Having a thousandth or two groove won't hurt you as long as there's nothing high... unless you plan on building a 1500 HP fire breathing monster capable of 7 sec quarters with nitr... sorry, I digress. For typical street application, mild or on the hot side, I didn't see anything that needed to be tossed, just dressed. The bearings, I wouldn't touch as the bearing surface is too soft to want to redress, unless you have high spots. If you do, approach carefully. You've probably only lost a few thousand miles in their life, at best. My concern would be clearance change or warping. I prefer a double check method. The first you've already performed to what it looks like, calipers and mics. Second is Plastiguage. I've sent a link explaining how it works if you've never heard of it. It may seem hokey, but I used the stuff while I was doing repairs on Navel Nuclear Submarines. If it's good enough for that application, it's good enough for cars. Once completed, I'd clean everything with Gunk's water based degreaser or something equivalent. I prefer water based as you can use it with hot water, and in flushing/rinsing, clean, water's pretty cheap. Air dry, then coat everything with oil.

Genuine Plastigauge - How It Works

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