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Re: What could be binding? Camshaft? Nope.

Finally, somebody who talks an ounce of sense. I called this one machine shop and told them I had this engine where I had some high spots on the crank and wanted them turned out or finished out. The guy said, "woah woah woah, hold on, we don't do any engine work unless we blueprint the entire engine. We'll turn that crank but we're going to need to measure *everything* and cut that crank and hand-match each bearing individually. we'll order them individually and match the tolerances, it will take about a month, and cost several thousands." I said, "All I want is to take the high spots out of the crank so they don't wear on the bearing, the tolerances are already okay, I've measured them" (with plastigauge). He wouldn't hear of it. Especially for an engine I'm going to put in a rig that I can't sell for more than $4000, tops (or so I think, it's going into a relatively nice '96 Bronco)
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