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Re: The New Kaase SR-71 Heads For 429-460 Fords

Head technology has blown through the roof. The old adage "no replacement for displacement" is really standing on shaky ground these days in part due to head technology and the ability to get a better and tighter mix of the air-fuel mass delivered to the cylinder. CNC and newer alloys allow the manufacturers to create passages that we only dreamed of a few decades ago. There's even groups playing around with 3D printing with aluminum (there's no "i" after the "n", R.S., it's pronounced ə-lo͞o′mə-nəm ) that are getting closer tolerances with better efficiencies than CNC, but I've not seen anything for the general market as of yet.

Ever notice that there's so many high performance parts available for GM products?

Did you ever think that maybe they NEED them?
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