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Hi! I'm having issues with my 3.0 v6.
When you start the car in the morning it starts almost immediately, like it surges a little before starting, then it's a little stable like 10 seconds, after that it starts running like crap, idle fluctuates, engine misfires (not constantly but randomly), after it warms up and the idle goes lower I can feel the engine wanting to die, for example if I'm in Drive when it's misfiring it wants to go forward while the brake is pressed but randomly, half a second it wants to, then it doesn't... etc. I have to mention that in all times the exhaust smells strange (not precisely like fuel smell when you are cranking a car without spark, but a more different and annoying smell) If I press the gas a bit it stabilizes but after releasing it goes back to doing the same thing. Car has ok power when accelerating(better on hot, on cold it feels heavy). I don't think is having a lean misfire because I don't get backfires through the air intake and I don't think a lean misfire would make my exhaust smell funny, on the other side it backfires through on the exhaust, while it's misfiring. KOEO and KOER says 0 codes, but only one for the DPFE (which is broken so no surprise). Compression doing a CF crank sounds very even. No vacuum leaks. I thought about pip sensor but disconnecting the spout makes no difference, I have new cap and rotor. Could it be the TFI?

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