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GHeyes17 08-04-18 07:17 AM

What part is this?
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Recently, the part of my 1989 Probe that shows me external temperature, miles per gallon, destination distance, etc has stopped.

I don't know whether or not it is a bulb issue or if this component has gone bad....

Anyone got any advice?

CatSkinner 08-04-18 08:14 AM

Re: What part is this?
I'm not sure what they named it, but I went looking for it under various possible names and descriptions and nothing came back, I also couldn't find anything in the electrical schematics. If you know you have power going to it, my recommendations is see if you can find it in a junk yard, may also have it on a Mazda 6 or MX6. They were similar and shared many parts.

Have you tried pulling it and see if there's a part number on it?

R.S.LOGAN 08-04-18 08:53 AM

Re: What part is this?
If you have a instrument panel light dimmer switch on that model , make sure it has not been accidently turned off . If could be bulbs gone but usually if so , if you look closely at panel you can see the info in the background . Could also check in case covered by a fuse and it's blown .

Pamela87 01-07-19 11:40 AM

Re: What part is this?
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I know this is really late, but it is called Trip Computer Display

jwko 01-07-19 03:55 PM

Re: What part is this?
Its LCD lit. You can send that off to be fixed. Internet search "lcd speedometer repair" and you'll find many who specialize in that type of repair.

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