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R.S.LOGAN 04-24-19 02:15 AM

A Miracle Just Happened
There is a lot of this that goes on in our city centre . Profession beggars , mostly immigrants who get dropped off and later picked up after their shift . Parasites .

jwko 04-24-19 07:10 AM

Re: A Miracle Just Happened
Similar type of activity goes on around here. Mostly at the parking lot entrance/exit of Walmart holding up signs that says stranded or hungry and needs help. Its all BS.

Bert 04-24-19 07:50 AM

Re: A Miracle Just Happened
We have the same thing around here too. There was one guy that only had 1 arm an no legs that rode around sitting on a skate board, using the one arm to get around. I did help him when I saw him. Not sure what caused all that and now he move inland.

85ltdcrownvic 04-24-19 08:13 AM

Re: A Miracle Just Happened
Theres a couple that used to take turns doing that outside my old job. They used to drop each other off in their BMW before their “shift” started.

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R.S.LOGAN 04-24-19 09:21 AM

Re: A Miracle Just Happened
We had a documentary last week or so where an ex soldier lived on the streets here and in London to see what it was like .Some were making in excess of £300 / $388 per day and gained weight with all the food given free to them .At night time when the city workers finish their jobs they disappear again till the next morning as most are not homeless as they make out .I have noticed a lot more in wheelchairs with legs missing and mentioned to my daughter . She said a lot is caused by their drug injecting . It has been a common site for years , seeing them getting picked up in high end Suvs like Mercs etc. Spoils it for those who are genuine and are in need .

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