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Zozzy24 03-08-19 10:23 AM

Vibration Post-Maintenance
I recently replaced my front struts and front brakes and rotors, on my 2010 Ford Focus SE, with some cheaper ones I found online. Afterwards, the ride height was a little higher than normal. There is also a vibration/ shake coming from the front end when accelerating from 0-20mph. It goes away at that speed and only comes back when heavy torque is applied on the highway. It isn’t felt in the steering wheel. Mostly the body. Since the struts were new, I didn’t think it could be those. Maybe I’m wrong. I had an alignment done on the car and the front tires replaced with new ones - separate issue due to cupping from the rear shocks.

Over the few months that followed, I replaced my motor mounts, CV boots and axles, and the lower control arms but none of that helped. It didn’t make the problem better or worse. At this point I’m out of ideas on what could be causing the issue. Any advice on what you would look into next would be highly appreciated!

R.S.LOGAN 03-08-19 02:59 PM

Re: Vibration Post-Maintenance
If it started after replacing front struts , front brakes and rotors with cheap parts , that's where your problem lies .After replacing front struts the ride height should return back to original after susp. settled back down with a short drive if needed.Only reason it would possibly increase would be if front springs had been replaced as well .Shocks don't normally increase ride height .Could also check strut top mountings , drop link arms and sway bar bushes for vibration .

Zozzy24 03-09-19 08:47 AM

The springs were also new. They came new as a complete assembly. It’s been 8 months since the struts and springs were replaced and the ride height hasn’t settled yet. It’s still the same height as the day they were installed, unfortunately. Is there a way to adjust them or should I look to replace them with OEM parts?

R.S.LOGAN 03-09-19 11:35 AM

Re: Vibration Post-Maintenance
You never mentioned they came new as a complete assembly , I thought it was just the struts . It may have been the wrong units supplied .You should have checked the coil springs as they are colour coded .

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