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When people talk about GT, it doesnt have to a V8, it could be a 4 Cylinder GT, or a 6 Cylinder GT... Turbo now days are very popullar and if FPV ever makes some thing like FPV GT-T (GT Turbo) it would certainly get some real attention. Would be nice something like a AWD I6 GT Turbo with 27-280 kw, now thing will be at least low 13's and high 12's, a car to compete with R34 GTR.

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But then again, its only a dream... HSV has like 10 vehicles ranging from Senetor, XU8, Clubsport, Clubsport R8, Signature, Grange, GTS, Maloo, Maloo R8, Monaro & SV300....
And FPV has 3, i know FPV is new but it can do it, bring us a I6 Turbo FPV pleaseeeeeeee...! After all, FPV is from Prodrive a company whos arms are wide open to the world and competes in big events and have experience!

Operator! Give me the number for 911! -- Homer Simpson

That's it! You people have stood in my way long enough. I'm going to clown college! --Homer Simpson

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for staters i think the GT is a pos!! considering the xy gtho was 230kw....
i have never herd anything about this new gtho but if it is real i would hope it would be over 350kw and maybe a turbo, but then again ford and holdens in my opinion shouldent have turbos leave that to nissen/toyota, they should have big beafy 351/350's in them not these lil pissy things with blow off valves!! i dunno if any1 agrees but i think ford and by the sounds of it maybe holden aswell are going down the wrong path....
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If FPV are going to do a turbo it would probably need to be around the 320kw mark. Before everyone starts flaming me here are the facts.
At the moment alot of tuning houses are modding the "T" and for around $1500 you can get a chip installed at a few different places and have an easy 270kw. ( APS and Powerchip to name 2).
APS also currently have a stage 2 car that costs about $5500 and that has about 330kw. ( i have seen it on dyno with 271rwkw). I have no doubt that other tuning houses such as Herrod and others probably have similar packages.
For FPV to enter this market this is their competion. As i see it they are stuck between a rock and a hard place. There is definately a market for a hot factory "T", but they have to try to fill this section of the market with a car that people will buy while not damaging the sales of the other vehicles in their range.
The GT falcon had to start somewhere and maybe we are in the process of seeing another ford legend being born. An option for ford could be to have a hot "T" priced similar to a GT with similar power and features. An FPV "T" with 290kw and the better gearboxes and body kit, could be a big hit, and probably wouldnt offend the V8 people too much.
Just my thoughts, let the flaming begin.
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Re: 320Kw FPV Turbo

if FPV bought out a 320kw I-6 youd most likly find a 400+kw supercharged GTHO would come out soon after the I-6. And just an interesting thought on the HO, the capa XR8 produced 400kw and 650nm ( est) isnt that about the limit of fords new 6 speed auto?
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These tuned cars you mentioned don't have a factory warranty thought do they, or ADR compliance. And GT owners would be pissed off if the turbo 6 had the same or more power.
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Re: 320Kw FPV Turbo

Guys, be real. There is more to a GT (or for that matter a GTS) than power. It is easy to just wind up the wick and make them accelerate better. Look at the basic difference between a GT and a XR8, 30kw only, and the rest.....
Brakes, suspension, wheels, interior fitout, quality of manufacture as well as the body kit goodies.
The GT is designed to go fast, stop fast and be a well balanced yet comfortable sports saloon. The GT in not a NASTY BEAST like the GTs of old.I am reasionably confident that the majority of posters have never even sat in a Phase 3 let alone driven one for a long distance. And those who have:- Would you really like to drive one accross the country or in peak hour traffic every day. (I KNOW that some of you would but then some people buy Volvos, everyone is different)
FPV may or may not make a T6. If they do I doubt it will be more powerful than the V8. Simple marketing. FPV & Ford know what is selling. Turbos are selling like hot cakes partly because the go quite well but mostly because they are CHEAP. The T6 is the SV8 of the Falcon range.
Before you turbo fans spew at me just think for a second. How many Turbos have you seen with Prem Brakes, Color Stereo, Satnav, Leather, Factory 18s (with spare), side airbags, reversing gizmo, momo wheel or shifter, sunroof etc.

Bugger all??

Most (and I have a slight inside line on this info) Turbos are totally unoptioned (except for paint) with steel spare. Absolute minimum price.
Those that are optioned are usually the stereo and occasionally leather.
More than that is a rare car indeed.
On the other hand MOST of the GTs, GT-Ps and Pursuits have lots of options.
So really, who is going to buy this $60k (a T6 with leather, brakes, airbags & alarm etc is $55,600) car instead of the V8. Not the T6 market, not the V8 market, maybe a new as yet untapped Premium Turbo customer.
I wonder................

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Re: 320Kw FPV Turbo

Originally Posted by 8EHiND
WAKE UP GUYS AND GET YOUR HANDS OFF THE TROUSER SNAKES it makes no sense from a business point of few. Its good to see the majority of you guys see that!

Why does it make no sense? By far the most popular performance sedan in Australia would have to be the XR6T. Every man and his dog wants one, and every second man and and his dog has one, or is in line to get one.

When you consider the amount of people who are after it, and are thrilled to see a 6pack up there with the v8s and such, showing Holden what Ford is really made of, why would it be senseless to include a tweaked turbo 6 in the FPV line?

It's like asking, why is there sense in including a ute in the line up? Not every man wants a 6... but at the same time, not every man wants a ute, yet, there is still one in the lineup.

At this stage in the market, everyone is out for bang for your buck. And which car at the moment takes the cake for it? an xr6t. Not too many mods have to be done to boost the performance of the turbo, hence not boosting the price at a mammoth rate (compared to a 300kw variant from some other company that costs 100k)....

Go figure....

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Re: 320Kw FPV Turbo

Originally Posted by FM
No it didn't.. EA ran a 351 unit while the EB ran a 302. Completely different cars.

I remember seeing this car ina magazine along time ago. It was Colbalt blue with 351 GT written in silver along the base of the doors under the protection moulding. It had an injected 5.8 windsor and was a little tired from memory due to many 'press' floggings. I was pretty sure that it was an EB Series 1, not EA however.

I maybe wrong, but I'm pretty sure due to the EB colour 'blue' and the EB grill.

On the FPV Turbo thing, I for one would love to see one, but it would have to be pretty good to drive me away from a GT V8. Close would not be enough, it would have to be a scorcher...

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the way i see it could work is if the fpv xr6tR went to 300kw the fpv gt went to am more bulkish figure of 350kw and the GTHO going to 375-400kw, the fpv turbo would have to be a scorcher to equal the tuning houses cars without upping the boost to much and the gt can just get worked or stroked and the GTHO while i dont like the idear gets the cappa blower (now making 310rwkw so thats a little over 400fwkw), there is a market for the fpv's in the 6 the gt and the new gtho but they shouldnt go overbored like holden and make 6-7 different hsvs it just takes away from the prestiege of the cars a hot xr6,gt,gtho would make a great fpv line up. Oh and also they'd have to drop the weight in the fpv models by 200kg's i know thats alotta weight but that would produce some outstanding 0-100 and 1/4 mile times as factory cars that would compete with the likes of bmw merk's and the rice burners

also ford should push the xr6t up to a meaty 260kw while the xr8 can cop the gt's 290kw

Blown Boss 377rwkw

"Its not the 300rwkw, its the instant V8 torque that kills things"

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