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You can make something new as flash or technically detailed as you like, if it doesn't perform its PRIMARY function as well as the old system, then there is an issue. Your original post implied a reliability issue. (unproven Tech.) The issue is at light throttle application, in a manual. Drive one and see. I don't believe F1 see much of this.

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Go and see Robbie Herrod again and get one of his extractor kits and a uni chip in it. Then see it GO :) I believe the Unichip removes the lag down low & lack of instand throttle responce you are talking about. - Cam

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Originally posted by WBT56
Your original post implied a reliability issue. (unproven Tech.) The issue is at light throttle application, in a manual. Drive one and see.
I guess some people dont recognise sarcasm when they see it. I was'nt implying anything.I suppose it all comes down to how you interpret the information in front of you. I merely meant that it is proven technology,it's just a matter of getting used to something different.As for the comment about those who havent driven one need not reply, well I'm actually priviledged enough to have driven quite a few,and i do so every day.Funnilly enough i havent had any trouble.But then maybe i'm used to them.

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Sarcasm was duly noted and ignored. Notice how when you ask a technical question everyone's an expert or a smart ass, with no in between? People complain about shuddering brakes, perhaps they should just get used to them? Or tyre wear on commodore IRS? Or broken BA cup holders? At the end of the day, the point is the new thing is not as good as the old thing, so that is a problem. It may only be a programming problem, as the XR6T's I've driven don't do it, but it is still there.

If you're not driving a manual you're really just steering.
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Having now driven a number of examples of auto BA Boss engined vehicles I would have to say that there is a clear hesitation just off idle. As far as I can tell it has absolutely nothing to do with the DBW throttle but rather the PCM calibration as it feels very much like a flat spot.
A similar hesitation can be felt on upshifts when the throttle is more than 3/4 open and also on SSS upshifts with similar throttle openings. When combined with the relatively cammy nature of the engine it simply means that is isn't the smoothest thing around to drive. In that sense the AU XR and T-Series cars left it for dead.

All of this leads me to look at the specs for the revised BTR auto and after a close scrutiny I suspect that these flat spots are actually deliberate mapping to avoid large doses of torque reaching what is undoubtedly a marginal transmission. Should have guessed enough and if I am correct then there isn't much use tuning it out via a Unichip because it will undoubtedly result in expensive transmission repairs. I've already seen a couple fo in-service failures of this box and from units that haven't exactly been punted hard. No doubt the next software flash upgrade for the box will furthewr soften the torque impact and exacerbate the driveability issue further still.

Sad really but that's the reality of time and budget constraints.


Looking at the relatively minor upgrades

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I posted a thread a couple of weeks ago about this very subject and i think you replied to it as well russell. The thread was based on imformation that was given to me by a service manager which basically suggested what russell has confirmed in his previous post which had me concerned about the auto behide the boss engines.

After a few replies from board members my mind had been put at ease about durability issues and this transmission. Guess it's time to be little concerned again when i hand over 50 big ones for an auto version of the boss.

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If you are correct in presumptions RussellW, and based on the Australian auto manufacturers trends of manual gearboxes you probably are, then we have probably have a weak auto tranny. I know it's expensive, and I know I've noted before that Ford are under no obligation to use a transmission/gearbox that be can handle more than thier factory outputs, but it would be great to see a TOUGH, and WELL SHIFTING Manual/Auto in the falcon range. Holdens T56 6 speed is a clunky chunky box, but id swap smooth shifting cogs for a bit more inteneral durability any day of the week.

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The only lag I feel is when I drop the clutch ,the wheels seem to spin for some unknown reason .
Did you or are you giving the thing 1500km to wear in ?
If so , it might think Grandma is driving it , so the PCM goes into Sunday bowls day mode. :s5

Seriously though mate , I haven't found this to be a problem at all , but mine is manual . My old mans AU seems alright , but then again , anything feels like a slug after driving the ute.

p.s Lag is something I only associate with dialup users

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well its been a week since i brought up the subject relating to the throttle response in the BA XR8 MANUAL and the gearbox and diff issues, i dont know if i expect too much but i have always believed that a new model should be as good if not better than the previous model, so i took the xr for a brisk run to brisbane and back on saturday,through the centennary highway to Kallangur in stop start traffic and then back home on the motorway,quite a good run and enjoyable i must say But the fact remains the xr 5 speed manual is not happy in traffic and i can put up with that because it loves the open road.I spoke to the right people last week and asked if the throttle delay can be changed to give instant response but apparently it was set up that way to protect the driveline.I would really like to know if other owners of the XR8 MANUAL who have previously owned a AU XR8 MANUAL have the same issues with their new car.
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Re: BA xr8 versus AU xr8

Originally Posted by JC-XR8
Or even B to A perhaps?
156 rwkws
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