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Should Ford release a HO???

Picking up from a notion that emerged in an HO related thread, I'm starting to wonder whether Ford or FPV should even badge any upcoming super GT a 'HO'.

As Russell stated in another thread:

"The reality of the original HO was that they were a relatively
inexpensive option pack that allowed the homologation of
some nicer bits for the race teams. Not much point to that
now and even then the take up rate for the Option pack was

Hence, in my opinion, any future 'hot' GT should only be called a HO if one of its primary purposes is to go production car racing. The fact that homologation is not required these days is not the issue. The issue is, in my opinion, that any HO must have direct track heritage.

If Ford/FPV release an 'improved' GT with increased power and torque as well as some subtle suspension tuning with the intention of badging such a car a HO, I think they would be very wise to link it intimately with current production car racing. One obvious way would be to supply the improved GT to Team Yamaha so that it could validly claim direct track heritage. Moreover, ideally Ford or FPV should themselves race such a car under the Ford banner in production car racing. Perhaps even debut a new HO on the track.

I hope that what I am trying to say makes sense. It's just that I do not want the HO badge to evolve into something that it historically was not. It's not enough that any future HO be substantially more powerful than a 'standard' GT. To label a car a GT HO without it's primary purpose being to race would be to devalue the HO badge. I'd rather they'd call such an uber GT anything BUT a HO.

Of course this is all on the proviso that a model which would sit above the current GT/GT-P is even introduced.

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The new GT is cool and a lot better than any of Ford's other attempts to bring back to life a dead legend....cue EL GT etc

However to build a HO would HAVE to mean raising absolute hell and creating a car which would be so deadly powerful it would ring alarm bells. I don't believe any reincarnation Ford could put together could reach the relative exellence of a 1969 car with 250+kw and it would never be as spine-tinglingly emotive as any original GTHO.

A car that can *just* keep up with a HSV GTS (which is where I believe they would market the car) would be an absolute insult to the icon and mythical brilliance that the original HO. A BA by another name with a few more mods to push the 320kw+ bracket could fill this job. I dunno, how about an FPV XR6T-S or something.

A car that puts to shame anything on the market short of $300K+ is what the HO has to be about. No frills, blown 400kw, >1500kg, no luxuries and a pure road and track warrior would do the name justice. Put a price tag of $100k on it and then you have a true HOey. Ford, if you can't do that, just leave the old beast alone.


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nuff said goodnight
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If they do release a GTHO they should do so after this BA model expires and the all-wheel-drive new-model falcon platform is used.

There are many reasons why (IMO):
  • Firstly, potential GTHO buyers are current GT/GT-P buyers - so no point in bringing it out in series 2 unexpected..

    There is a bigger chance that it would be AWD..

    By that time, hopefully there is a hardtop option :)

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As a GT owner, and club member, I find everyones comments and perceptions of the HO's very interesting.

Judging by comments coming out of Ford at the moment, I dont think we will see a HO for at least 2 years, and when we do, it will be a stripped down racer. By then, there is a possibility that Nations Cup has grown to a viewing level close to the V8 Supercars, and good results in that will offer a direct route to more car fans.

It will most likely be unreachable for most people, and substantially more expensive that the GT (unlike the originals), and be aimed fairly and squarly at the HRT 427.

What this all leads to is a difficult market. Offering a stripped down version of a car, for substantially more money, leads to a target group of people who can afford to have a 4th toy in the garage, thats name plate is more important that the car itself. Not a very big or open market, and a tough one to crack.

The only re-assuring thing about the whole process is that Ford are serious about muscle cars again, and look like they will not put the HO badge on anything that isnt seriously worthy of it. Personally, I dont care if it takes them 3 years to release it, if thats how long they need to get it right.

So I guess it comes down to how much people are prepared to pay for the HO badge. 40k more than a GT? 50k? 60k?


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How much would you pay for 5.4L Supercharged, ~370kw, frome the factory, If they threw in some light weight BA II components as well..

It be pretty much the fastest four door from a factory. Certainly one of the most powerful, Brabus might make something alittle more powerful, with a auto transmission, heavier, and about $1m aud.. But Brabus isn't Merc..

Packages with some other upgrades, brakes, light weight components, you don't need to strip it out to make it faster. Besides, if your serious about racing it, you would like to do that sort of thing yourself.
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Im not being a purist GTHO fan
however if Ford were to re-release a GTHO they should endeavour to make it one of the fastest 4 door sedans built just like the mighty phase 3 GTHO was.
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The original HO's were built to win races. They don't even race production cars anymore so I think bringing back the HO name would be a waste.

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Originally posted by Yellow Fire
The original HO's were built to win races. They don't even race production cars anymore so I think bringing back the HO name would be a waste.
To me that is no excuse to not bring back the GTHO name.
I couldn't give a toss if they don't race production cars anymore, (though it would be nice) the HO nameplate is associated with the pinnacle of high performance cars so it should come back regardless of it staying true to the original.

I'm a happy camper!
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HO Needs to have Balls. Big Hairy Balls. Simple as that. A modern day muscle car.
I dont give a toss if its raced in production cars or not.
AS long as it makes you wet your pants while in the hot seat is all that counts.


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Originally posted by Yellow Fire
The original HO's were built to win races. They don't even race production cars anymore so I think bringing back the HO name would be a waste.
I think the Procar people would disagree with that statement, Nations Cup, GT performance etc. are all production based - or at least were, until the 427 Monaro came along.
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