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ozzie65 07-27-10 06:49 PM

390 Overheating
My 390 is running great but overheats after a couple of miles. I've replaced the thermostat (tested in a pan of water) and topped off the coolant. My timing has been set. Engine mods include an Edelbrock Performer Manifold and Carb, and Pertronix distributor. Could a blockage somewhere cause this ? Thank you

72Ford250 07-27-10 10:14 PM

Re: 390 Overheating
Now by overheating you mean engine is getting hot the temp gauge in the hot area or the engine gets warm and starts sputtering or dies and hard to start?

ozzie65 07-28-10 04:19 AM

Re: 390 Overheating
The temperature gauge will run up to about 230 and I'm getting some boiling seepage from near the top of the radiator, and the smell of coolant. This is when I shut it down.

72Ford250 07-28-10 06:50 AM

Re: 390 Overheating
Well when you start it up (when it's cool) open the radiator cap and watch the coolant as the engine warms up if the cooling system is working you should start seeing coolant shoot back into the radiator (coolant should start swirling around) if it does this and is still hot then check to see if the radiator fins are not clogged (where the air goes through) you can use compressed air or a power washer (being careful not to damage the fins) these should blow dirt out and let more air through the radiator cooling the coolant much better

kdtrucker 07-28-10 04:41 PM

Re: 390 Overheating
Might could be your water pump or themostat not opening If that's all OK then there's a blockage somewhere.

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