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Truckee 06-29-13 09:26 PM

428 Rods in a 390
Hello all....I'm new here. My question is can I use 428 Rods for a 390 build. I understand that 390, 410, 428 Rods are all the same length however my concern is the 428 Rods are much heavier and my thinking is because the 428 is externally balanced the 390 is not it may create a balance issue useing these heavy rods with a 390 crank.

Thanks for any help.


Truckee 07-08-13 01:15 PM

Re: 428 Rods in a 390
Wow! Almost 2 weeks and zero replies. Well I sold the FE engine and parts and give my 428 Cobra Jet heads to a fella who could use them along with the 390 crank and 428 rods. I'm dropping in a 351 Windsor. and in a year or so I'll stroke it to a 408 and bolt on a set of Cleveland heads


CatSkinner 07-09-13 07:05 PM

Re: 428 Rods in a 390
Sorry for the no reply. Good luck with the Windsor.

Big Block Ford 07-09-13 07:46 PM

Re: 428 Rods in a 390
Im guessing no one online here really knew the answer to your problem

kdtrucker 03-09-14 12:53 AM

Re: 428 Rods in a 390
It's just the crank is balanced externally...the rods and pistons are all balanced equally to the lighted one.

What you need to look for is are the pistons above the blocks deck hight. Factory the block deck height is 10.170 inches. You should have any problem with the rods and the crank and if the pistons are high, above the can mill the tops of the pistons. If they only pop up .005-.010, the felpro head gasket compresses to about .040-.045 on average so there is plenty of play room. If you want to use a metal shim gasket then you'll have to do some finagling to get it to work without touching.

Nothing really hard about it.

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