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Nitrousxr8 08-24-17 12:35 AM

AU front disc rotors
The other day i was driving my AU an noticed my brakes were making a bit of a racket so i pulled the wheel off an tried to adjust the caliper bolts to tighten them up i noticed they wouldnt tighten fully an had a bit of space in the caliper movement is this normal????
i tried to tighten it by undoing the one nut behind the boot an then tightening up the exterior ones ..but no diffrence. Then i rotated the brake rotor (disc) an noticed it was not tight, i could push the bottom bit in as i rotated its just siiting there on the hub with nothing to hold it on.. so my question is how are the AU rotors fixed / attached to the hub

Aussiblue 08-24-17 01:45 AM

Re: AU front disc rotors
They attach to the steering knuckle. But it sounds like the caliper slide pins that slide in the rubber boots are seized. This is a common issue; their silicon grease lubricant dries out and/or get contaminated with dirt. You will need to remove and thoroughly clean the pins and rubbers sleaves /boots in brake fluid. You may even find that the slide pins are so corroded and the rubber pieces are so damaged that you have to hammer them out. Dry them with aerosol brake cleaner, replace any worn boots/sleaves and pitted or badly corroded slide pins then lubricate the inside and inside end of the boots with white silicone grease (most bearing retailers sell it by the jar but you can user this Herschell Silicone Paste Grease Tube - 100g - Supercheap Auto or this or similar; don't use spray silicon, rubber grease or any other lubricant.) so the slide pins slide easily and the calipers can work correctly. You should also use new bolts to mount the calipers to the steering knuckle and use Loctite thread locker on the new bolts.

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